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HuddleCamHD 4K Webcam

Technology is becoming advanced day by day, and astonishing gadgets are being introduced. HuddleCamHD 4K Webcam is one of those newly launched products. The Webcam is equipped with amazing features and good news for those who conduct business conferences; Facebook Live shows, YouTube Live streaming, online teaching, fitness classes, cooking demonstrations, etc. It takes live streaming and video conferencing to the next level and gives a charming effect to your video conference.

Release of New HuddleCamHD 4K Webcam:

On April 27, 2020, HuddleCamHD announced the release of two amazing 4K Webcams during the “Hack the NAB Show,” a live virtual event in West Chester, Pennsylvania, United States. The real event, the Annual National Association of Broadcasters Las Vegas, NV, was canceled as a result of the Corona Virus Pandemic. Paul W. Richards, Director of Marketing, HuddleCamHD, has said in a statement that the webcams contain the power of a PTZ camera. The Webcams can be used on top of a monitor or mounted on a tripod. The Webcams are specially designed for high-quality video conferencing and live streaming.

Zoom, Pan, and Tilt Ability:

HuddleCamHD 4K Webcamis the first 4K USB connected Webcam designed to give HD video presets. HuddleCamHD Company mainly designs budget-friendly zoom, pan, and tilt cameras. The Webcam, with the features of a traditional zoom, pan, and tilt camera, is an alternative to PTZ cameras in the size of a webcam. You can capture exciting videos in 4K and zoom in the same way as you can do with broadcast PTZ camera with loss-less digital zoom.

Included IR Remote Control for Creating Amazing Presentations:

The included IR Remote Control besides HuddleCamHD 4K Webcam assists you to zoom in rapidly and provides fantastic results throughout your live streaming or video conferencing. Camera presets provides facility to be stored and recalled right away to draw the attention of meeting attendees to specific area. During the meeting on video conference, or live online streaming, with the help of included IR Remote, you can control your camera. Included IR Remote is handy for framing your look on producing online streaming or video conferencing. The camera is supportive of Zoom PTZ camera controls for ZoomRooms and Far End Camera Control.

Equally Useful for Home Studios and Remote Video Coverage:

The Webcam is designed in such a way that it is equally useful for Home Studios as well as Remote Video coverage. Cameras are capable of scaling video from 4K all the way down to HD format and facilitate the users to use software such as Zoom or Google Hangouts for video conferencing and live streaming software like Wirecast and OBS for video productions.

The Webcam has the ability of a PTZ broadcast camera, which enables it to be used regularly mounted on a tripod like a camcorder or the top of a monitor.

It is a single webcam solution for home-based offices and enables the users to get high-quality video conferencing or live streaming project. Besides the USB Model, an NDI Model is also handy to control and capture a video anywhere.

To sum up, I strongly recommend that HuddleCamHD 4K Webcamhas marvelous features to beautify your video conference or live streaming.