How VoIP Can Help To Effectively Monitor Your Secure Network

Security is an important consideration when installing and managing a VoIP network. Most professionals will be well aware of the additional security measures that ought to be undertaken to protect a VoIP connected network. But have you considered how useful it could be for actually helping to ensure your network is as secure as it can be? IT security monitoring and VoIP usually walk hand in hand – and in this article, we’ll look at some of the most common ways they can serve to enhance the overall strength of your network.

1) Monitor Your Traffic

The best business phone installation companies will ensure that your network is capable of handling VoIP without resorting to overspending on unnecessary bandwidth. As you may have correctly guessed – that can be quite a fine line – and one of the first places they ought to look when tightening up your infrastructure will be how the business uses traffic and data. A high proportion of instances where VoIP systems are suffering lag or other kinds of low call quality tend to be caused by people wasting or consuming unnecessarily high quantities of data. For instance, streaming media or even using popular social media apps can take up a sizable chunk of bandwidth. Your Idaho VoIP professional installation team will raise such ‘leaks’ as a matter of immediate concern and look at ways of partitioning your data flow to prioritize calls and other business essentials.

2) Easier & More Efficient Network Management

One of the most commonly cited advantages of VoIP network management software is how easy it becomes for managers to add, delete, and oversee users. Unlike traditional phone systems whereby the process of changing extensions could be a real hassle and administrative headache, with VoIP you can keep absolute control over how your network is run and who has access to use it. You can restrict sensitive data (ask your professional for a run-through of the protocols here), and even partition huge parts of your network that simply cannot be shared externally. In a nutshell, by using VoIP systems effectively you’ll enjoy much greater control over who can access your system and find it far easier to identify inappropriate or unauthorized access. It takes seconds to add and remove people from your network.

 3) Use Call Handling To Monitor Performance

It has never been more important for companies to ensure that their employees fully understand data protection laws and comply within the legal parameters. You can very realistically face lawsuits for accidentally leaking personal or business information to unauthorized sources – and it is an ongoing process to ensure that your agents understand these principles. VoIP allows for the perfect way for managers and trainers to listen to professional calls and ensure that these standards are being maintained. The software allows for calls to be handled, traced, and even recordable if that is important to your kind of business. Employees are the #1 source of compromised data – and even if they are doing so accidentally or without knowing it is essential to understand these risks. VoIP networks provide the perfect solution that can be easily implemented into any company’s policy.

4) Real-Time Protection

The best VoIP systems will include management software that can require a degree of professional knowledge to configure and maintain. Once they are set up and pass the testing phase, you should be able to enjoy unprecedented alerts whenever anyone tries to access your data in an unauthorized manner. Alerts can be set up to notify management and/or IT personnel – and you may well be surprised how frequently suspicious activity is detected! A substantial advantage for companies that choose to go VoIP is that it necessitates a better understanding of their networks and security arrangements. Well configured security apparatus will detect risks and prevent loss – providing it has been configured appropriately to match the nature of your business.

Final Thoughts

There are many reasons why so many companies have opted for VoIP recently. Cheaper calls and a much more flexible and controllable network are two of the most popular, but of all the secondary advantages of installing internet telephony, the improvement it can have for your security arrangements is perhaps the most significant of all. It has never been more important for companies to demonstrate and enforce appropriate security parameters across their business networks. installing VoIP is the perfect opportunity to tighten these up to protect your company, partners, and customers.