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How to Use Switchable Smart Glass for Office Partitions?

Smart Controls and Privacy On-Demand

Switchable smart glass is manufactured with smart film technology based on PDLC, Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal. Smart glass panels have a life expectancy of over 10 years and are toughened to British Kitemark safety standards. Manufactured locally, customers can order bespoke shapes and sizes designed to fit their office layout. Unlike conventional glass walls, smart glass installed as office partition offers privacy on-demand. At the touch of a button, smart glass switches between frosted and clear in an instance. A remote control is included with your switchable smart glass installation and clients can choose to have a wall switch mounted as an added convenience. The switch function can also be integrated via voice, app or motion control for a hands-free interactive environment. 

Frameless Single Glazed Partition and Office Pod Systems

Clients can choose from framed or frameless laminated smart glass panels for their partition. Single glazed laminated smart glass will have seamless sides, allowing these panels to be arranged side by side to form a partition that looks clean and modern. With a glass thickness of 10mm or more, these are a popular choice for their affordability and clarity. Moreover, frameless smart glass panels can be installed into office pods systems. Office pod systems with smart glass walls integrated are favourable in warehouses or large open plan workspaces. When privacy is needed, the smart glass pod wall can be immediately frosted without any need for curtains or blinds. Subsequently, this eliminates dust and reduces the cleaning bill.

Double Glazed, Wooden Frames and Curved Partitions

In addition to the privacy they provide, double glazed smart glass partitions are equally ideal as office partitions for better soundproofing requirements. Smart glass office partitions can be installed into framed aluminium and accommodate various track systems. For classic or contemporary design layouts, wooden frames are sometimes favoured to add warmth into the work environment. The tactile timber frame can include bespoke veneers or well-engineered solid wood. For aesthetically pleasing layouts, some offices integrate curved smart glass partitions. Curved smart glass partitions exude a level of elegance that allow for even better light penetration.

Ambient Lighting 

Ambient lighting is an important consideration when using smart glass as office partitions. Due to the nature of smart film technology, a slight 8 – 10% of haze is normal and expected on smart glass products. Most office partitions require single glazed laminated smart glass and this haze factor is hardly noticeable. However, an increase in glass thickness and awkward viewing angles can affect this. Therefore, good ambient lighting on either side will produce the best result for your smart glass office partition installation.

Rear Projection

Finally, an added advantage of switchable smart glass office partition is its use as a rear projection screen at its frosted mode. All you need is a HD rear projector set up and you can project videos, pitch presentations and digital advertising materials onto your smart glass partition. Offices with shopfronts favour this smart glass feature to display their digital advertising. Often times, this is a cost-effective method to share information and attract more clientele.