How To Use Shapeshift Without Giving Personal Details

Shapeshift allows the users to buy and sell crypto currencies with it. These exchanges are designed for the users and have low fees. The users have complete control over their digital assets. The exchanges hold your fund; they have the private keys to control the crypto currency that is held by you. You can send, receive, trade, hold easily, and safely. It is self- sovereign finance. It provides is service 24×7. It is not only efficient but also accurate.

Know how to use Shapeshift

Go to the Shapeshift home page and click on the deposit filled. Select the bitcoin from the list and click on the recipient field. You can check both the minimum and maximum amount of bitcoin that you can trade. Once you fill in the number of bitcoins that you will send, fill in the address. After the transaction is done, the details of the transactions will be provided to you.


The main advantage of knowing how to use Shapeshift is the crypto to crypto exchange. It has a very simple interface for users. The users can navigate the exchange with it. They need to enter their crypto address to begin using the coins. There is no need to provide personal details like email addresses. The transactions are instantly then on the exchange. It does not hold any funds in a centralized location. The funds are delivered to the users via a deposit address created by Shapeshift. Another advantage of using Shapeshift is that one can use it from any part of the world. There is no service fee charged by them. The fixed fee of the coin’s miner is minimum.


The user interface is very easy and straightforward. The process is simple and convenient. The number of investors is more in Shapeshift. The advantage that you don’t need to register or sign up is a great way to attract investors. If you are willing to sell using it, this is probably the best exchange option for you. The services offered by the instant exchange are praiseworthy. They give the users wide access to the range of all coins that can be exchanged quickly. They are easy to use, and the users use them happily.

Use of wallet

You should closely look at the URL before you send funds to any deposit address. Some websites try to create fake copies of Shapeshift to get funds deposited to the fake sites. You need to check the URL for misspellings, symbols, or anything that looks suspicious. You can use your own wallet to hold your coins. The transactions can happen very quickly with minimum confirmation. Even those who are using it for the first time they will have no trouble in exchanging the coins. It is completely safe and one need not worry about the security issues.


If you are wondering how to use Shapeshift, you just need an account that you have used to buy crypto currency. You are now ready to use Shapeshift to make the trade.