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How to run an effective and efficient SMS marketing campaign

SMS marketing is a marketing technique that uses texts messages to pass promotional message to

potential customers.

Promotional messagingin this case could be sending a message that inform customers of an existing

offers, coupons or informing them of a transactional event that happened between the company and that customer.

If you are already using SMS marketing as part of your digital marketing, then this article will help you to

further under how to run the services efficiently with efforts to boost your business ROI.

  1. Have a complete professional team

For you to get the best out of SMS Marketing you need experts to help you. One or more people can

serve the same roles. But if you’re dealing with large amount of data and your main channel of marketing isSMS you will need, programmer expert, data analyst,social media expert, coordinator for on-locationsignage.

With SMS marketing, it has urgency and everything has to be properly coordinated so that themessage is passed on at the right time for good response.

The more complete your team is, the more benefits you will reap from text marketing.

  1. Know your customers

If you want to see results from bulk messaging, you need to understand your contacts and have a

properly segmented audience.

For instance, if you are running a cosmetic line, it will be good to send anti-wrinkle coupon to people

who are old.

Ensure you have segmented audience for optimal results. You can start segmenting by going to you


  1. Write a concise message

SMS has a limited number of characters of 160. Some say those are limited and you can’t pass themessage.

It is more than enough. Write a simple, specific and clear message in plain English. No abbreviations, no

caps and emoticons.

And ensure that you don’t have open ended-message. Have specific end day for your coupon in the


  1. Get your timing right.

Text messaging is allowed only between 8am and 9pm. This often varies with the local laws. Be sure to

be within the recommended time.

When it comes to timing, a lot of variables are involved. But best practices are you don’t send messages very early in the morning or late in the evening. You will be nagging your customers and you will have very littleconversion from them

Be sure to do trial and error on the best time for your brand as it variesacross industries.

  1. Promote opt in across your Media channels.

The best list to send your bulk SMS is someone who have intentionally accepted to receive your

promotional message.

You can craft a message that ask your audience to join your list so that they don’t miss offer you frequentrun. You can do this through email, social media accounts, website and newsletters.

This will boast the rate at which your messages are opened and acted upon since the person have

accepted your offer from the first time of opting in.

  1. Focus on you best clients

In every business there are those customers who often respond to your texts, buys from you and spread

the word to their friends and relatives.

This is a special list of audience that deserve VIP treatment. They treat you special and you need to

treat them special. Give them unique offers that make them addicted to your brand. Dedicate more timeand resources to them.

It is your role as company to find out who they are and have a segmented list for easier management.