How to read someone’s text messages without installing software on their phone

Instant messaging using Android phone is the best mode of communication between two or group of people. Text messages can be boon for people if used for creative purposes. On the other hand it can be a cause of suspicion and disharmony in relationships among people. Especially when you find your partner or spouse engaged in suspicious activities or cheating on you, it becomes important to assure yourself and collecting evidences before accusing your other partner.

When you find your spouse or partner behaving strangely lately or there could be signs of betrayal, you must address the issue quickly. What you need under such condition is to check on the data of their phone and to know for sure what they are up to.

In order to help you read someone’s text messages without installing software on their phone, many new applications are introduced in the IT market.

What can help you to track text messages from another phone without installing the software?

When you need to intercept text messages from another phone without installing the software, you will have to buy a spy app that is not easily detectable and does not put you in legal trouble. 

There are available some of the high quality phone tracking apps designed to give you complete data of the target phone. The data you can access from target phone includes their messages, pictures, videos, social media chats, call logs, call recordings and much more. These spy apps are simple and easy to install. All you have to do is to take just few simple steps, such as:

Log on to website of the Spy App and get a subscription plan based on the type of target device i.e.  iOS or Android.

Follow the instructions and your Spy App is ready. Once it is set up, you may press the ‘start’ button and it will be on your dashboard.

Its dashboard has many features arranged in a convenient manner which can be selected by you for what you want to do.

There are specific and dedicated tabs for every function such as:

Spying on text messages can be done it through the following tabs:

  • Message monitor – Allows you access to all incoming and outgoing messages on the target phone. You will also get the sender and receiver details along with the date and time. 

Message monitor will make visible on its dashboard all the deleted messages by the user of target phone. 

  • Keylogger – features in your Spy App keeps a record or log of all the keystrokes made by the target phone user.  Keyloggers keeps record of all the messages typed and also their usernames, passwords, and web searches etc.
  • Social Media Monitor – When you use a good quality spy app it will have dedicated tabs for each of the social media platforms to monitor Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp and any other social media chats.

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