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How To Promote Your Youtube Videos Online?

YouTube is a great video app with thousands of people using it across the globe.  If you are YouTuber or someone looking to promote your brand on YouTube, then you must be prepared for cut-throat competition.

For becoming a successful YouTuber, you need to know how to boost your subscribers. Promoting YouTube video helps you to gain more traffic on your video, increased traffic means you are going to earn more through the monetization features on YouTube.

 Here are four things that you can do to promote your video on YouTube and drive more traffic.

SEO Your YouTube Channel

The reason you start your YouTube channel is to earn recognition and get monetized on Youtube, but that could only happen if you can reach out to maximum people. Just like Google Algorithm, YouTube has its search algorithm in place. Knowing how the YouTube algorithm works can help you get at the top in YouTube searches. You can use it for your advantage and promote YouTube videos by performing SEO for YouTube.

Here are a few factors that you can work on to improve the SEO on YouTube:

  • Title tags
  • Retaining Your Audience
  • Description tag
  • Tags
  • Length of Video
  • Number of subscribers earned after watching
  • Comments
  • Reactions – Likes/dislikes
  • Advertise Smart

Using Social Media Platforms

For promoting your YouTube Video, you can use social media platforms. You can run an ad on Facebook, as it is one of the popular social media with 2 billion active users. To get monetized on Youtube, you must gain traffic on your video, for that promoting your video on Facebook is a great idea.

You can also choose to run ads on YouTube as it also has about 1.95 billion users all over the world, using both the platform can help you generate a lot of traffic.

Create a YouTube Brand

Branding attracts more people, better you can make use of monetization. For example, if you are running a musical channel, using a branding strategy makes sense, as it helps a lot.

Integrate Your Blog

You can use a blog to promote YouTube videos. People like to go through every detail on the internet. You can integrate YouTube videos on a Blog. You can use a blog as a platform and embed YouTube Video links so that readers can check out your YouTube video. Your writing skills are going to play an important role when it comes to writing an excellent blog, but there is no harm in trying.