How To Download Instagram Reels?

Instagram Reels

Instagram has offered us so many fun features to slay with, but nothing can beat the popularity of Instagram reels. In just no time reels have become the favorite section for users. It is so much fun to make and view reels. Especially during the covid pandemic, people were seen uploading awesome reels and the best entertainment source for them was also Instagram reels. Instagram reels have enhanced engagement on Instagram by a great difference. The popularity of these videos is skyrocketing and hard to match.

Now while you are surfing and scrolling through these reels, you might find something that’s interesting and you would want to download it. But Instagram does not support downloading reels from anyone’s account. Now how do you download Instagram reels then? Do not worry; we have this sorted for you. You can use Instagram reels downloader.

What is an Instagram reel downloader?

Instagram reel downloader is a third party application that helps you download reels directly into your phone storage using certain steps. There are dozens of apps that allow and support downloading of reels, but these could have processes that are lengthy and cumbersome. In order to skip these steps you can use Instazoom. Instazoom is a free to use app and website that allows you easy downloading of reels without going into hassle. You can download reels without login in or adding extensions. The app supports reels download from any profile that is public or from a profile that you follow. Instazoom works on every device and platform and supports unlimited download of reels without any cost or subscription. All you need is the link to the reel and voila you are done.

How to download reels using Instazoom?

Instazoom is a free to use reel downloading application that can be accessed either through downloading the app on your device or through their website online. to download any reel follow these steps:

Step 1: In order to download any reel, launch an Instagram app and navigate to that reel. Now look for the options button or three dots on the reel, and click it to open the menu. Now select the “copy link” option from this menu and exit the app.

Step 2: Now either download Instazoom app from play store or App store app for both android and iOS respectively and launch it or you can use the free to use website of Instazoom and navigate to reels downloader option to launch it.

Step 3: In the reels downloader, paste the copied link to the reel into the field and click “ok”.

Step 4: Instazoom uses its API-Powered sense to fetch the reel for you, now click on the download option to save this reel into your phone storage directly.

Isn’t this easy and quick? Instazoom eradicates all the intermediate steps of logging in into an app or going through long processes. The app is available to work and download on all platforms Android, iOS, or even browsers.