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How To Choose The Right Factory Program Controller For Automation?

Are you looking for ways to automate your factory and getting the right programmable logic or automation controller? Before you get on to the decision of choosing a software application, you have to get the correct hardware. And let us help you find the right one to make your decision process smooth and also some of the pros and cons that you can determine which of the factors is essential to you.

  • Operator Interface: 

The Mitsubishi melsec has a PLC that needs an input feeding of the information so that it can take action accordingly based on the program that you define. You can do it by providing any input such as switch button, selector, or more advanced like an HMI screen. If you want to install the preexisting operator unit, you can do it, but before a check, it once if it is compatible with it or not. 

  • Supply Power: 

It is one of the factors that can make your selection quicker. It means that you will have to purchase a separate power supply module that you can find in the product details. The supply power is the voltage that will power the PLC. 

  • Communication Protocols And Input-Output Unit:

Today, we have tons of protocols that are getting used today with the improved version of all time. Input can be digital or analog, which is in the form of switches or a sensor. Make sure that your output device is equally compatible with the input to prevent your system from any damage. 

  • Programming:

Programming is also one of the factors that you need to look into as this ensures that how the PLC is will get programmed. Most PLC will require specific software to connect to the system and program it. Let us look at some of the programming language features that Mitsubishi melsec has that can give you an idea if this is the perfect choice for you. It has a Ladder diagram, structured text (ST), SFC, FBD, FB, C/C++, and in case if you’re familiar with any of these, it can give you the capabilities. 

Let us look at some of the pros and cons of using PLCL

  • Advantages Of Modular PLC:

  • Memory
  • A large number of I/O modules
  • Room for expansion
  • Troubleshoot becomes simple and less downtime 
  • Disadvantages Of Modular PLC: 

  • Modularity can reduce space efficiency. 
  • The complexity of configuration will increase due to modularity.
  • It can be expensive.