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How Technology Will Affect the Future of Lipstick 

Lipstick has come along way as a powerful tool to express and attract the opposite sex. However, lipstick is a part of the makeup which highlights the sensual part of the body. As the passage of time, companies have brought innovations and designs which is already idolised by many people. But now, it’s time for digitalisation! 

In this article, you will know how Technology will affect the future of lipstick to make it more useful.

  • Sustainability 

As you know, lipsticks break or dry out very quickly. Just imagine, if a lipstick does no break or dry, but instead, it can be reused! It is assumed that in future, lipstick applicator will use inkjet printing technology that can be applied and reused every time very easily. To refill the lipstick, you will just have to visit the nearest autonomous filling stations, which will be located in stores. 

  • Colour changing technology

Earlier no one predicted that they could have colour changing lipstick, but thanks to inkjet printing technology which can create several colour combinations. It is an envision that by using piezoelectric ‘Drop on Demand’ technology, lipstick applicator can release formulation form the tiny nozzles and proximity sensors that will allow you to print a wide range of custom-made colour combinations. The user could use the various functions that can save colour selections and can create unique patterns, gradients, and fades.  

  • Customised scent and taste

People might have thought that changing the taste and fragrance of your lipstick is maybe impossible? But due to the latest technology, it can be predicted that the 3D olfactory printers could create scent molecules. 3D printing engineering could provide future products with better personalising options. 

  • No-touch ups required

The technology for the development of regenerating materials is currently commenced, but it is assumed that in future, this technology could bring a massive change when applied to makeup products. You can imagine that in the future, your lip gloss finish will remain bright and shine all day. Also, the technology for the lip applicator will be introduced to repair itself when damaged. 

  • Smart application

In future, it will be possible to recreate the look which you want by using built-in software technology that will take less time and fewer efforts. The built-in software will know about every contour and shades of your complexion, and with the help of digital scanning, DNA and biometric data, you can easily do it.

You just have to scan your face by augmented reality equipment which will be available in stores or at home by using smart mirrors. And you just have to apply the lipstick to a achieve your lip look. 

As you can see, technology has a massive impact on today’s era. From automatically colour changing technology to customised scent and taste of lipstick, the beauty product industry has brought many digital changes to lipstick and other beauty products. 

However, with all these digital updates and innovations, people will prefer value over Luxury in future! #ProductPredictions