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How Hopper HQ made Instagram Easy with its new design

The people who handle multiple social network account and other channels will know the importance of scheduling and planning the content and start using several tools, software, and apps to help them to manage their work. Managing Instagram account is time-consuming and social network managers need high-quality content apart from community engagement.

At the time of re-designing the Hopper HQ tool, they are more focusing on how the social network manager’s work and the time management or workload that makes the content more creative. Taking interests in the new look and design of the Hopper HQ scheduling tool and their features that make the management of Instagrameasier and smooth.

 Visual planning of an Instagram mood board

Instagram is a fully visual platform, so the dashboard for managing the Instagram account should be good as well. The new interface of Hopper HQ is a clean interface that puts the content of your post in a limelight to enjoy the task.

The management of Instagram does not need to be tedious as it can be a creative process that brings and grow the photographers and designers from the inner side of us. With the single click editing or drag and drop, the feature will allow you to schedule your Instagram account content ahead of time quickly in the best social media scheduler tool named Hopper HQ.

Instagram theme with the perfect grid planner

You will probably know about many social media manager but the Instagram management is not about the posts for individuals but it will take care of your whole profile. In the year 2020, business Instagram profiles or accounts are more important than websites. That result in a massive amount of new clients. It takes only several seconds from landing on the profile of Instagram to decide whether you keep scrolling your feed or leave out the place and you will see it within a starting of those first 6 squares.

But the themes and patterns which are based on the grid are hard to perfect. They will require a plan and proper schedule and consuming the area of Instagram management. Grid planner of Hopper HQ will make it very easy for the people to see what your scheduledInstagram posts will look like grid on your profile account once they published.

Boost the engagement rate of Instagram by adding Location Tags

Insta gram posts with a tagged location will get more engagement rate than those who didn’t tag it. The location is added manually the post is publishedbut with the help of Hopper HQ, you can easily add the location in your scheduled post whether it’s video or photos. It will save a lot of time and help to streaming your Instagram management.

Find and add relevant Instagram hashtags using Hashtag Explorer

Finding the right and correct hashtags for the Instagram posts is very important to reach the targeted audience and increase the engagement rate on the post of your account. Creating and adding a hashtag strategy is a crucial part to grow the audience on your profile and finding the right and relevant hashtags is time-consuming but the Instagram scheduling tool will help you out.

Just be consistent with your post with a visual content calender

It affects a lot about what you’re posting in your account and it is one of the most important factors of the Instagram management is how often and you are posting your content. There is no excuse for how often your company or brand should post on Instagram as long it’s consistent and organic instead of spammy and all the thing you will do it with the help of this Instagram scheduling tool.