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How Do I Improve My Podcast SEO?

If you have not yet incorporated audio and podcast in your SEO strategy, it is the right time to begin looking into it. Yes, Google can hear you now and surface contents within your podcasts. Google recently announced that people could play podcast directly in the mobile and desktop search results.

Google said, “There are more than two million podcasts on the web, and we’re now making it easier to find and listen to podcasts on search. When you are searching for a podcast about a topic, we will show playable episodes in search results along with web pages, videos, and images. Soon, you won’t necessarily need the term “podcast” in your search to see episodes, making podcast discovery simpler across Search.”

So, how does it work?

Google said that it would surface the episodes by understanding what is being talked about on a podcast. This means Google bots will index the words that are used in the podcasts and then show the relevant podcasts based on the search.

How to grow your podcast audience with SEO Sydney?

To attract people and gain listeners, your podcasts should be easily discoverable on the directories as well as on Google. It may seem a daunting task to get Google and other search engines to rank you highly to gain listeners. But, with SEO Sydney, you can rank high in the search results. Although it seems to be a slow process, focusing on the titles, keywords, and website will make a difference. Here are a few tips suggested by the SEO experts in Sydney to help you get started with improving your rankings through the podcast.

Utilise social media

We know that being active in social media helps to connect with your target audience. However, social media is essential for improving your rankings on search engines as well. Post frequently, especially posts that highlights your content. Search engines use social media to determine the relevance and quality of the content. If you are active in social media accounts, it will help improve your rankings.

Choose the right keyword for each episode

You have to choose the right keyword and make it short for each podcast episode. The keyword should be as short as possible so that it can be used in several search criteria.

Create a blog post for each episode

You have to produce a new page in your website foe every episode as the page will help to advertise your podcasts and allow listeners to find your podcast on iTunes or download them from your site. Remember, the webpage URL should have the relevant keyword.

Share your content on directories

The more directories you submit your podcast, the more listeners you can gain. You can also post your content in blog directories to promote your new blog posts for each podcast episode. This will help create a backlink to your content and achieve a higher page rank.

Concentrate on ratings and reviews

Podcasts with a lot of reviews and ratings tend to rank higher in search engines than the competitors. So, request ratings and reviews to your listeners.

Do not ignore the titles

Both your podcast title and episode title is crucial. Ensure the title is relevant and describe your podcast and episodes. A title should say why a listener should hear it and should be descriptive, short, unique, and more importantly, keyword-focused.

While you cannot directly control the rankings, you can help improve them. Podcasts help you grow your brand, reach the audience, and help increase your ROI. Despite all your SEO efforts, you could not get the results; get help from the SEO experts from a reputed SEO company in Sydney.