How Content Marketing Can Be the Secret to Your Success

Anyone who hasn’t heard of content marketing or content creation and sharing is probably living off the internet or in a deep dark jungle, you come across content every single day, on your Facebook newsfeed, Instagram feeds, YouTube, twitter, google search results and the 1 billion webpages in existence. Content is everywhere and the reason why you see the content you see is because of some darn good marketing.

In a nutshell, content marketing is creating specific material for a particular audience and sharing it online as a blog, podcast, video, eBook, tapes, audio, or particularly anything that can be shared on the internet.

That is where it gets interesting, everything can be shared on the internet. This is why the top percentile of creative content marketers are very successful and why you can be too if you follow the right steps. From the basic everyday content marketers to the ones that share the most nerve-wracking, jaw crushing viral videos littered in-between are the most successful ones.

How can you fine-tune your content for success? A great question to ask when starting.

Step One: Get Your Audience Right

The most important thing when it comes to content marketing is targeting, just like any kind of marketing, it’s a disaster waiting to happen if you get your target audience wrong. One good way to get this right is to look at the type of content you are creating, is it related to tech, health, movies, games, motivational, informational, music, religion, science or maybe its good old fashioned quantum physics. Similarly, you can also fine-tune it to the right kind of persona. This step can’t be overemphasized, it is the bedrock of content marketing success

Step Two: Create Unique and Compelling Content

YOUR CONTENT HAS TO CRUSH. There is no substitute or shortcuts, you want to create content that delivers value or if you are looking for extremes you can create controversial content or stuff that makes people warm inside. Whatever it is it has to deliver real value. It’s the reason why you are up at 2:00 am reading an article on Forbes or Inc., it’s the reason why you are always watching Gary Vee or listening to Grant Cardone. It the reason why you never miss an episode of the Kardashians or an episode of the Joe Rogan experience because they crush it.

Step three: Follow through, follow up

Digital marketing agency Lilo told us that you need to find a convenient and consistent time to deliver your content, this is where most content marketers start losing their audience, especially those just starting, don’t expect your audience to remind you or call you to action. Before you start you have to settle on how and when you would deliver. When refers to the timing: It could be daily, three times a week or weekly, morning, noon or nights whatever works for you. How has to do with the format, does your audience prefer audio to video or blog text to eBooks. Once you have all this down you are good to go.

Step Four: Platform for Success

It’s 2019 and there are a plethora of options when it comes to the right platform to use. The major ones are probably, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. But your options should not be limited to these three. For the greatest reach, you should use about 7 platforms or more so your audience can reach you anywhere and anytime, the 7 platforms I recommend are; Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Podcast, Twitter. With these power platforms, you are wired for success.

Step Five: Don’t Sell

99% of online entrepreneurs are trying to sell something right of the bat, if you are just starting without a penny to your name this is probably not the best option. The right step for you would be to create a real community first that genuinely believes in your message. You are looking for a community with a deep sense of commitment.  Change your mind from I want to sells something to they are going to want to buy something eventually.

When you start with the mentality of trying to help people and eventually helping them with your message whatever it is people would want to give back. When this happens to sell would be as easy as just telling your committed followers of a new product or subscription. At this point it won’t be seen as selling but value addition. Of course, if you already have results and authority in a particular space related to your content and you’ve helped people do the same. You can go ahead to sell right away with your content but in a subtle way. Like placing a sales pitch at the end of your videos, audios or text.

Last Words: Do Cool Shit and Go Viral.

Virality, as they say, is the holy grail of content marketing. When your content goes viral, that transforms into free money and traffic. There are about 7.5 billion people on planet earth and about 3.2 billion people use the internet, imagine your content circulating rapidly among 3.2 billion people. Amazing stuff right. When you find what makes the market tick and produce content in the same vein, you might just go viral and that is a success.

Finally, as a content marketer, your audience will watch you, follow you and even stalk you. I know how that sounds but you are going to have some internet stalkers watching your every move and waiting for you to mess up. But when you are committed to your message and you genuinely walk your talk, becoming successful at the expense of stalkers has never been easier.