Hints on Web Designs That Attract and Make Customers Buy

Just like a mere brick and mortar shop, how will customers know what you offer without a perfect display?

There are thousands of competitive e-stores, all racing for the same customers, despite offering similar or different products/services. To become a field leader, great tactics are essential that portray you as a unique and trustable e-merchant or brand.

An eCommerce website must be at its most beauty to attract the right audience and help you reach your goals.

Although you may be able to launch your e-store, an expert website developer can never disappoint, especially if you desire to run a professional eCommerce site.

At this juncture, we are more interested in revealing the web design secrets that attract more visitors and, certainly, paying customers.

The Web Designs 

Responsive, minimalist, illustrative, to single-page web designs are possible solutions when starting a website. However, eCommerce web designs have several elements that differentiate them from other types.

First and foremost, User Experience (UX) design is a cornerstone for a rewarding eCommerce store. Any website is judged from the first impression it offers a visitor. Ideal user experience coupled with a seamless UI (User Interface) is the primary focus during the development and design phase.

Tips for a Perfect Web Design

  • Be Creative

Stunning web designs offer a lasting impression, whether it’s a custom or a theme design. What the customer desires to see is a soft touch of creativity on the outlook. You can be creative in the way you display your products, content and while using graphics. Remember, ideal graphics attract 50% of online sales in a store.

  • Mobile First 

Regardless of how established your online business is, it will receive more visits from mobile phone handlers than desktop users. Precisely, mobile-first designs facilitate 70% of website traffic, which improves your site’s conversion rate. The mobile-first design also helps deliver a quality user experience to the right devices.

  • Clear Calls to Action (CTA) 

Calls to action are part of an excellent web design. Strategically positioned calls to action prompt immediate response from either the customer or visitor. Place the primary call to action below the header, or product, or on the page’s right or center. Use directional cues where necessary.

  • Offer a Sense of Security 

Customers love to feel secure on any online platform, and it will compel them to revisit the store. For this, obtain an SSL certificate, avoid requesting unnecessary customer information, and offer a seamless checkout process.

  • Lighten Up the Store 

According to research by McKinsey, 70% of online purchases are made based on customer experience. It means that dull websites kill the spark in online shoppers. Therefore, offer a vibe to your customers and visitors with a smart and bright website.

Wrapping It Up 

The last hint- it’s not always About Sales Promotion! Exaggerated sales promotions and incitements may portray a negative picture. Promote your products where necessary and also ensure to create time for motivational messages and notifications. Personalization is another approach to boosting sales and conversions.