Here is a really Funny and Educational look at the iPhone 11

The cost of an iPhone has always been the talk of the town. There is a reason this is called a luxury phone. Because once you own an iPhone, you need to cut back on your luxuries [An intended Joke]. With every new iPhone that hits the market, the only thing that blows the minds of users (year-after-year) is the price. Does the price of an iPhone affect the consumer’s decision adversely? Or is it so well priced that you are attracted to the phone like a moth to a flame? 

YouTuber Sammy Obeid breaks down that science of an iPhone that we are not paying attention to. The technological wonder that the iPhone is, there is something about the way they sell it to you that makes it better. The iPhone 11 unlike any other in its series has done the same. The iPhone 11 and iPhone 11-pro are two new peas of the same pod. Has Apple realized two phones? Or have they realized one, to make sure the other looks better? A mystery you might have never thought of till now.

Have you heard of psychological pricing? It is very close to what our parents have been doing to us since we were kids. That time when you were a child, and they charmed you with ice cream later so you eat your vegetables. This is exactly the type of theory which Apple incorporates. Apple psychologically picks a number so that it grabs the attention of the target audience in the long run. The pricing policy is so strategic that is plays on the psychological mindset of every consumer. The magical digit “9” is the key to Apple’s pricing. How do they do it? Well, Sammy Obeid has got the answer for you. 

We are not trying to discourage you from getting an iPhone. We are just making you aware of how you got it. Its common knowledge that all technology is designed from end-to-end to make you stick with them for as long as you can. Having great technological advancements is one half of the battle; the other is getting people to know about it. There is no harm in falling prey to the amazing design and the strategic marketing of the mobile phone giants.