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Greater Limits for the Best Seo Services Now

Keywords are, literally, the key to any SEO job. Among the billions of pages offered by the web, the user will perform a search using keywords. This is called a query. It is therefore to optimize its referencing on the basis of key words or phrases consistent with the activity of the site to be found easily.

In order to target keywords (or expressions) that will have a positive impact on your SEO, it is necessary to carry out extensive research. First, we must distinguish 3 major types of keywords. This is where the seo los angeles services come forward.

The different types of keywords

Brand Keywords

They are specific to the name of your company or its products and services. This type of keyword is relevant for companies whose name or brand already has a certain notoriety. In any case, it is essential that the brand keyword is assigned to the home page, and if possible, present in the first paragraph, so that the user can find you when he searches for your last name.

Generic keywords

Generic terms have a much wider reach than those specifically related to the brand name. For users who do not know or have not expressed a preference for a brand name, the generic keywords can direct them to your offer.

Long tail keywords

These are associations of terms or phrases that are longer and less competitive than generic keywords.

  • The vast majority of searches done online use long tail keywords.

These keywords have a higher conversion rate, which means that the desired final action will have a better chance of being realized. They are precisely directing consumers to what they are looking for.

Know your target

To optimize your SEO, it is essential to define the right keywords. And for that, you must know your target well. We must put ourselves in the place of the “target” user and understand how he navigates and what he is looking for.

If you are a new business, always keep in mind that the user is not going to search you. He wants to find specific information to answer a need or solve a problem. To succeed in your SEO, you must first produce relevant content for your target.

How to choose keywords to optimize SEO?

As we saw earlier, it is fundamental to know your target well. To select the best keywords (and that make sense for your target), there are various methods:

  • Create a list of words that best define your products / services.
  • Brainstorm, alone, in a team, or with your family. Also include the words, phrases and long tail phrases that come to your mind.
  • Probe the users, your customers, your friends, your family.
  • Watch the keywords that your competitors exploit in their website
  • Type a keyword in your favorite search engine and study the natural results as well as paying ads.
  • Use tools like Google Trends, Keywords Everywhere and Ubersuggest.
  • Study the statistics of your site (Google Analytics) to see the keywords typed by your users.