FortiGate Firewall: A Complete Guide


As a vital aspect of your company’s IT security, a firewall protects your data and prevents unwanted access by acting as a barrier against malicious traffic.

Fortigate Firewall, whether it’s hardware, software, or a combination of both, should be at the center of your network, allowing you to choose which traffic you let in and which you keep out.

How Does the Fortigate Firewall Work?

  • FortiGate, a next-generation firewall from Fortinet, a pioneer in IT Cyber Security, provides the best threat protection to businesses of all sizes. 
  • A FortiGate firewall delivers unsurpassed performance and safety using purpose-built security processors and threat intelligence from FortiGuard while simplifying your network.
  • Fortinet provides a FortiGate model to fit any deployment requirement, from the entry-level FortiGate-20 series for small offices and retail networks to the FortiGate-1500 series for large companies.

How Does the Fortigate Firewall Work

A FortiGate firewall, in a nutshell, checks data entering into your network and decides if it is safe to relay to your enterprise.

Lower-spec firewalls will often examine this data depending on factors such as its location and source. After that, the data will be checked against a list of permissions to see whether it may be sent through.

A firewall serves as the first line of defense against security threats. Still, as cybercriminals become more skilled, a firewall’s ability to protect against the growing number of cyber-security threats becomes increasingly tricky, which may be encrypted behind what appears to be a trustworthy source.

According to Gartner, 80 percent of traffic to your firm will be encrypted in 2019, with encrypted communications accounting for 50 percent of attacks targeting organizations like yours.

Thanks to purpose-built security processors and top-of-the-line threat detection from FortiGuard, FortiGate firewalls provide outstanding protection for your enterprise, even against encrypted traffic.

The FortiGate Firewall’s Features

High-performance threat prevention, such as web filtering, antivirus, and application control, ensures that cyber security threats such as Malware and Social Engineering do not cause harm to your company.

With highly scalable segmentation and ultra-low latency, mission-critical applications are protected.

Automated risk assessments – automated workflow and auditing features save up some of the IT department’s time.

FortiGate’s security ratings may be used to develop ‘best practice’ security processes.

You will be safeguarded from known and unknown attacks if threat information is independently vetted and updated regularly.

Enterprise security asset management allows you to manage security assets from anywhere. Integration with the Security Fabric – communicate risks throughout the whole IT security infrastructure to block attacks quickly and automatically. Here’s where you can learn more about the Fortinet Security Fabric.

IT security threats are constantly evolving, and your firm must adapt to stay on top of them. As we move closer to a more connected corporate world than ever before, a single security breach might have disastrous consequences for your business. A FortiGate firewall may provide you and your company peace of mind by ensuring that you and your organization are secured from the latest threats.