Five simple tips for protecting your privacy

When people travel in public transport they keep their belongings like laptops, wallets and mobile safe. They keep a check on the valuables they are carrying. The same goes for the valuables that you share at the online platforms. Minor personal details can be misused. People have to keep them safe just like any other valuable item they keep.

Every technology has pros and cons. It is making life easier but subjecting people to different crimes. Public safety is a major concern. The online world has invited forgery and scams at a fast pace. Here are tips to make the account safe.

Identity Theft:

Fraud monitoring and protection of the family is what people should take it seriously. A minute mistake can land them in great trouble. Many people give the details like zip code, address, mother’s maiden name, and bank account details happily to the E-commerce sites or any other site. Then prepare to deal with the loss in the future.

Any fraudster can steal the money and can make the inappropriate use of the personal data that people provide.

Update the Cookies:

Many websites ask you to “accept the cookies” before you navigate that website. Granting permission means that people are giving them the leverage to check their history and view online activity and behavior.

They collect the data of which used maximum for the marketing purpose and many sell this data to the third company. Update the cookies in the system to paralyze others from spying.

Cyber-security has affected many Canadian companies; many people are taking the help of professionals like Imran Ahmad to maintain the best privacy policies. Imran Ahmad is the Canadian Lawyer in cyber-security, aiding many organizations and solved many issues relating to cross-border data transfer and information governance so that the company’s data is protected.

Turn off the GPS:

Leaving the GPS turned-on exposes people to the greater risk. Do not allow anyone to track the location because people never know what intention criminals have. This is not safe especially, when they are not at home, giving thieves the chance of robbery.

Many crimes take place when someone follows, this could be life-threatening. Increase safety by turning off the GPS.

Do not reveal the truth while setting a password security question:

Many websites and accounts ask for the security question like “your pet name”, “date of birth”, “mother’s maiden name”, but in real life, nothing is secure in the online world.

Never disclose the right answer. The scammer can be able to find the answers to these questions by just a little research, make a small effort to remember the answers to these questions.

Using the HTTP’s Link:

What is the difference between the HTTPs website and the ordinary website? Many people to date are not aware of this. HTTPs website is encrypted and saves the privacy and data of the user but hackers can make an attempt on the websites that are without HTTPs links and can steal the information.