Finer Options for the Best Cosplays for You Now


The games and pop culture events such as the Game Show, Comic-Con or Anime Friends, which happened recently in São Paulo, it is common to see ornate cosplays walking through the events and taking pictures with the public. Always surrounded by fans, practitioners spend a lot of time and money trying to faithfully reproduce the costumes and costumes of their favorite characters – and, of course, inspiring others to do the same.

It is common to leave events like this asking us if it is possible to make cosplays as incredible as these and we often give up when we find out that dressing and playing your favorite character can be more expensive than it looks. So, we talked to cosplayers who were in Anime Friends and selected five pieces of advice for those who want to get into this universe for real. Check out the video below and read the tips below.

Choose relatively simple characters

One of the biggest difficulties when setting up a cosplay is the details. Sometimes, setting up a cosplay that does not require the maintenance of ornamented weapons is simpler and easier, like Goku, from Dragon Ball, or Velma, from Scooby Doo (as we see in the video above). Characters with sophisticated armor and weapons require more work. Make a visit to for the best choices of cosplays.

Take a chance

Hardly a job is perfect the first time it is done, so to start doing a good cosplay, you just need to literally “start”. From there, you’ll develop your technique and learn more, until you can assemble unusual visuals and dress up with characters you’ve always wanted.

Yes, it seems difficult at first, and the fear of taking risks exists in most cases. But if you don’t take any chances, you’ll never know how rewarding it is to see your work finished and experience it.

Do not let last minute

This is for procastinators on duty: start thinking about your cosplay and develop it long enough. Generally, if you send certain materials to seamstresses and the like, depending on the complexity of your clothing, it may take a while to get ready. So the ideal is that you start planning with enough time to be able to assemble all your pieces (and to save money, the ideal thing is that you do it little by little, that there is time to split up the materials or spend little by little, instead to use your money all at once).

In addition to the correct color, there are other details that should be noted. Baratex fabrics tend not to have or have little elasticity (which is the case with the infamous French satin), which can cause a huge problem, you kill yourself and sew everything right and you can’t wear it, so you have to improvise buttons or zipper not to lose the piece. You may also have other problems, with tulle, for example, which is super cheap and wonderful to add volume, but totally transparent and needs a large amount for an ok result. The same goes for the details. Are you going to reuse cosplay? Can that material be washed or ironed? Give attention to that.