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To be successful with email marketing and consumer communication, a firm must have valid email addresses. Confirming that the emails in your email address list are real, accurate, and precise is important. People commit mistakes, and it’s not unusual for your users and clients to enter incorrect email addresses. Additionally, if these errors remain undiscovered and unfixed in your database, you risk losing touch with that client and hurting your deliverability score overall since more of your emails may skip. Know more about prevent email bounces


One way to find out if an email address is legitimate and reachable is to use email validation. It quickly runs a method to identify typos, be they inadvertent misleading or honest mistakes. Additionally, it confirms if a certain email address is linked to a trustworthy domain. You may make the most of your email program by using this tool, which safeguards your email sender score and verifies email addresses at the moment of entry into your database. Merely verifying that the email field has a @ sign, a full stop, and a standardized suffix is insufficient. These are simply used to confirm that a client’s email address is formatted correctly. Finding the right format alone does not verify that an email address is active and connected to a legitimate, regularly used inbox. This implies that until you attempt to get in touch with the clients or prospects, you won’t know it’s invalid. If too many of your emails bounce back, whether they are for an email campaign or signup confirmation, you may find yourself automatically categorized into spam folders.


For eCommerce businesses, email marketing is crucial because it enables instantaneous client connections without relying on search engine rankings or social network algorithms. Compared to social media advertising, it has a far lesser risk. Even if you move platforms, your subscriber list is yours to maintain, and your communications are sent to them directly. That suggests that an algorithm change, an outside company failing, or an arbitrary ban cannot cause you to lose the ability to connect with them.


  • Customers who follow you show that they are engaged in your business, which increases brand awareness.
  • Because it is so quantifiable, you can use it to detect problems and pinpoint areas for improvement.
  • It is economical.
  • A buyer’s journey can be tailored to include individualized content since some buyers are still in the exploration, comparison, or ready-to-buy stages.

Verifying consumer email addresses at the point of entry or capture is crucial to maximizing the reach and readability of your campaign, regardless of whether email marketing is your major means of communication with customers or just one of several channels. It’s astonishing to learn that having verified email addresses may lower your bounce rate by as much as 98%. Because you can be certain that your messages are always being sent to the proper email addresses, it can also help you increase your conversion rate.