Effective Choices for the Best Video Production Now


If a picture is worth a thousand words, how much is a video worth? Exactly 1.8 million words, according to the institute specializing in Forrester Research marketing. A potential that many organizations want to exploit, including through their corporate videos. Clips, short films or webseries, we explain how to take advantage of the video format for your business communication. For the Corporate video production Singapore this is the best deal now.

A business communication rich in potential

With the explosion of digital media, video has become more than a distinctive element for brands: it has become a must:

  • Internet users spend a third of their time on the web watching videos.
  • 64% of your customers made a purchase decision after seeing a corporate video.
  • On the B2B side, 59% of institutional buyers prefer to be convinced by a video than by a blog article.

This trend falls well for companies willing to invest in a more fluid, more engaging, more accessible institutional communication. After a period marked by the economic crisis and the reduction of budgets, the time now seems to be improving. The enterprise video market is evolving towards greater diffusion, and the cost is decreasing each year due to the multiplication of players and technological innovations. Count today from 6 000 € for a quality film.

Three questions for a successful business video

Ready to embark on the adventure? Ask yourself these three questions, inspired by the best practices in business video.

Do you know the target audience of your corporate video?

Shareholders, employees, customers, suppliers, general public, we do not communicate in the same way according to our interlocutor. Depending on whether you are preparing a web-series for your prospects or a clip to open your annual general meeting, it is important to identify the person you are targeting the film for.

Does your corporate video serve a specific purpose?

You may need a corporate movie for many reasons: to consolidate a sales pitch by presenting the product benefits, to value the history and heritage of a family business, or even to make pedagogy on a subject of general interest that touches on the mission of the organization. Keep in mind that a good promo film meets one goal at a time.

Will your corporate video follow a narrative thread?

Whether it’s 30 seconds or 45 minutes, whether it’s on your website’s homepage or as a webseries on YouTube, your corporate video has to follow a clear narrative thread. No question of flitting from one sequence to another: like a text, it must follow a storytelling to engage the viewer to watch until the end.

If you answered yes to all three questions: you’re ready to go! Otherwise, do not panic: go with the expertise of an image professional who will guide you to a film company at the top.