Do you really need a VPS Hosting for WordPress?

Web Hosting is the service that provides users on the Internet a system to store information, images, video, or any content accessible via the web. Website hosting providers are companies that provide a space of a server to their customers.

However, is a shared hosting what you really need, or is it better to use a VPS? Should you start directly with a VPS, or buy the shared hosting and later you will do the migration? Which option is better? Let’s analyze it.

Start in a Shared Hosting, Then Upgrade to a VPS

Most blogs take about 6 months or 1 year to start working well. It means, getting regular traffic, ability to monetize, and more. Therefore, when the website is just born yesterday, it typically has only 10-20 visitors per day.

In that sense, if we talk about traffic, you don’t necessarily need a VPS for your project to work. You will be paying too much during those months for a service that is too big for your blog. Therefore, buying a good quality shared hosting you can be enough.

The only disadvantage of this is that, when you want to switch to a VPS, you will have to perform a migration. When you do it within the same provider and maintaining the same domain, it is not complicated. However, if you decide to go to work with another company, this process may become longer than expected. Sometimes, you have to wait a couple of days for your website to be fully migrated and 100% available online.

Start Directly by Hiring A VPS

The VPS server hosting offers you a series of assigned resources that you will not share with any other user of that machine. RAM, hard disk, and processor work as if you were on a separate machine, even if it is a virtual machine.

When your blog reaches a high level of visits, this option is much better than shared hosting. Now, if you start directly with the VPS, whose price is about three times more expensive than that of a shared hosting, you may be paying more for the first year.

If you buy the VPS in the first place, you save the work of having to carry out a migration and point the domain to the other server. In addition, there are blogs that achieve remarkable success in a speedy record time, for example those that create very viral articles that in a few days monopolize a large number of visits.

In SEO matters, it is one of the many factors that Google takes into account to position a website. For example, when having a website in a shared hosting, this website has to share the hosting space with other websites that may have doubtful reputation, and Google can take this into account when positioning a site. But as I said before, it is only one small factor among hundreds of Google ranking factors.

Should You Buy VPS Hosting?

When deciding on the types of accommodation you have to take into account a few points. If you buy a shared hosting plan, your hosting provider will be responsible for server administration, so you need very low or even no knowledge in this field. In the case of private hosting (VPS and dedicated Server), although they have basic technical support for their use, the administration on the techie part depends totally on you.

It is important to be realistic with what we really need for our web hosting. You can buy a dedicated server for hosting our blog, but you would be spending money on resources that we will not use. However, if you have a site with a shopping cart using WordPress and WooCommerce, we recommend you to host your project in a special VPS for WordPress by HostingRaja. These services allow you to host sites with high demands and have dedicated resources for optimal operation.