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Codecademy is an interactive platform from AOL that offers free coding courses in 12 different programming languages, including Python, Java, Go, JavaScript, Ruby, SQL, C ++, C #, Swift, and Sass as well. as HTML and CSS language markers. Codecademy was founded in August 2011 by Zach Sims and Ryan Bubinski. Sims dropped out of Columbia University to focus on entrepreneurship and Bubinski graduated from Columbia University in 2011. 

 Lynda is a large provider of open online courses in the United States. Offers video courses taught by industry experts in software, creativity, and business skills. It is a subsidiary of LinkedIn. All LinkedIn courses are divided into three categories: business, creativity, and technology. It was founded by Lynda Weinman in 1995, then called, and was acquired by LinkedIn in 2015. Microsoft acquired LinkedIn in December 2016. 


 Codecademy will not overwhelm beginners with information. Provide simplified information, which is the minimum information needed to complete one task and move on to the next task. As the course progresses, the background information will gradually fill up. From the beginning, users write code. They start small in an environment of constant feedback and gradually develop into more complex concepts. Users can immediately see the result of the code and provide good feedback. Each lesson of Codeacademy focuses on a concept and provides a replay to study the concept in depth. You can get more information about codeacademy vs lynda.

 Due to the large number of courses offered in Lynda (the total number of courses covering various topics is close to 4000), there are many different languages ​​to choose from. Many courses offered by Lynda take a hands-on approach and encourage you to apply what you have learned through project construction. If you feel bored with the conference, you can speed it up to complete it faster. A transcript of the video is available.


 Codecademy is great at providing practical methods, but lacks basic information on how to start a project in real life. Although users can learn to code using the Codecademy interface, they may not know how to code independently. The course content is mainly for people who are just starting to learn to code. This is perfect for beginners, but if you want to use Codecademy to update your knowledge, then these courses are not designed to be completed quickly. Codecademy has many errors that interfere with the editor, and despite having the correct answer, it still leads to error messages. 

 In lynda, There is no user forum, and there are few opportunities to interact with other students and discuss learning materials. Compared to the experience provided on the web, mobile apps are lagging far behind. It would be helpful to have more quizzes, tests, and assignments to help practice and retain the information presented.