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Difference between flyers and brochure

Both flyers and brochures are highly used for marketing purpose and both are highly effective as per promotion are concerned. That is the reason why brochure printing Toronto is highly used in both businesses as well as organizations.  But there is a difference between flyers and brochures and as an organization or business professional, you must know this difference so that you can easily understand which one will be the best for you. 

Flyers are generally made of a single sheet and are mostly unfolded whereas brochures have single or multiple folds. In both brochures and flyers, you can online print shop on one or both sides. But in flyers, the standard size is 8.5 x 11 or is mostly printed in A4 size. But brochures are made up of single or multiple sheets which usually come in a wide variety of folds. You must go for flyer printing keeping it in mind that flyers generally have a short span of life as compared to that of brochures. The most important thing that you must remember while making flyers or brochures is that flyers are mainly distributed free of cost but brochure can be charged based on the purpose of selling the brochure.  

Both flyers as well brochures are mostly distributed by hands although it can also be mailed. The cost of the brochure and flyers includes designing charges, the cost of paper used and color used. Generally, the cost of the brochure is a little higher than that of the flyer although it depends on the looks and design. The more you will try to make it attractive the more it will be its cost. You can approach for making both the flyers as well as brochure and most importantly you can design it as you wish.