Development of a New and Unique Posting System for Social Media

POSTOPLAN is a system developed by POSTOPLAN OU and is in Estonia. Estonia is believed to have the best conditions for any startup companies and in 2018 was named as the best place for the launching of startups. Startups from Estonia include:

  • Skype – largest voice to voice service in the world
  • Startup from TransferWise – value over $1 billion
  • Bolt – value over $1 billion

New system

POSTOPLAN is a social media platform for scheduled posting. This is a new and effective system of social media account management. It involves templates of content plans, deferred posting, free graphics, notifications on post’s publications, tasks that are automatic and analytics. 

Project idea

The idea for the developing of the POSTOPLAN project came about after a bad experience with one of the other social media management systems. Then is when the developers of POSTOPLAN realized that they could do better. They spent 9 months on development and now, they have a unique breakthrough product in this segment of the market. 


Prior to this development, no one thought in the terms of value that users pay for an account on a social network or app for messaging. This is when they develop tariff plans, where the numbers of accounts and users were randomly indicated. This means you can have as many social network accounts as you want as well as many users. 

Price structure

This POSTOPLAN system for managing social networks and messaging app does not have any type of complicated cost structure. The main purpose is to have an account on the social network or messaging app. The free account provides free system. The PRO account adds advanced features for your accounts. The basic functionality will always be free.

PRO plan

You can get a PRO plan registered in the system with just one click. Add your accounts and then click on “Want PRO” and then specify what account you want to be upgraded to the PRO version. Pay – and you are then the happy owner of the PRO account. The monthly fee for the first 3 months is $1.4 per month. After 6 months this fee will drop by 13% and after 1 year the fee will drop another 13%. You can upgrade any free account up to the PRO account or add a new one.

Unlimited with either account

With both accounts (free or PRO) you get unlimited planned posts and messages, and you will be able to configure the design of the service. With both, you will also get a calendar with holidays marked, and division for products with a graphic editor.

Money back

Some ask if they can get their money back if anything goes wrong. Just write up a ticket from the administration, and they will refund your money upon your request.

How many PRO accounts

Anyone user can have as many PRO accounts as they want – there is no limit. 10,100, 1000 – any amount for any period.