Customize your webpage with the help of WP Sticky plugin

New websites and webpages are coming up every day and you have to constantly keep your own website updated to get traction. If you have a website that is boring then you may lose audience. A website that appears behind the times has a high chance of losing prospective clients or visitors.  However, with plugins like WP Sticky you can customize your website and make any element stay on top of your page. You can click on with anchor “sticky menu“. This will help you understand how this plugin can change the appearance of your page. It will help you attract the visitor’s attention within the first few seconds of opening your page. You can put the most important element of your website on top of the page. This way the visitor will notice this element immediately after opening the page. Once a visitor notices this element he or she is more likely to spend more time on your page thus increase your traction.

Most important features and advantage of using WP sticky plugin

Most people like to spend time on websites that look professional and interesting. However, if you spend too long on learning how to design and code for different elements you will miss out on keeping the page updated. This is WP Sticky plugin requires no technical knowledge to operate. You do not have to change codes or make any major changes to the website’s structure. You can simply pick the element you want to sticky and then drag it to the top of the page. It is as simple as that. You can actually pick any element you want. You can choose to sticky a menu or any other widget element you like. In case you get stuck anywhere you can get quality support from the actual developers of the plugin. The support team is ready to help you if you face any issues.

Increase traffic to your page with higher domain authority score

When you have more people writing back to you and giving feedback, you automatically increase your domain authority score. This score helps Google to understand how important your website’s content is to viewers. A higher domain score will help you get even better traffic. Enabling guest posting can greatly increase your domain authority score. When you allow visitors to write back, you will also get high quality content for free. It is beneficial for both new writers and website owners. The writer gets a place to publish their work and the website gets free articles for their website. You can visit  and look for “guest posting sites“, to get some ideas on how you can use this feature. It is a tried and tested way that will help you reach new viewers. Since you will allow new writers to publish their writings on your page you will be able to get free publicity as these new writers share the link of their articles to their contacts.