Communities in Salesforce or a full-fledged website: all the pros and cons 

Users of almost all sites have questions and problems that need to be addressed. To simplify this, you can choose a format of communities in Salesforce, which will boost the development of your website and increase customer loyalty. Good structure, stability of work and wide functionality – this is what can explain to you what is the Salesforce community cloud.

When do you need Salesforce billing integration?

Communities provide an opportunity to take communication to the next level, uniting everyone who has something to do with the site – customers, partners or administrators. There are many examples of Salesforce communities that have already been implemented, and based on them, we can say that you need a customer community in several cases:

  1. Engaging in discussion and providing assistance. Partner communities in Salesforce are taking it to the next level where every customer or employee can get information from the source. You can discuss business ideas and details of relationships in your community, and the wide functionality of the communication module facilitates this.
  2. Working with clients. Salesforce community cloud examples prove that the community format is effective when working with customers. The latter can make changes to the site, clearly demonstrating the desired result, and the administrator or manager in charge receives information at once, speeding up its processing.
  3. Work space. Due to the fact that Salesforce community cloud certification has been passed at a high level, communities store even important and demanded data. The structure is customizable, it creates space for organizing a variety of data and allows you to find it quickly. You can give clients a limited set of access rights and freedom, which frees up direct employees for more important tasks.

Unlike websites, communities are more convenient and diverse, because they not only provide information, but also allow you to communicate with your team.

What is Salesforce community cloud for professionals?

In fact, the community format offers direct communication between different users, making it possible to establish a dialogue with partners, clients, and users. This is a more convenient format for sites experiencing an increased influx of visitors or requiring improved service.

At the same time, communities seriously compete with websites, but sometimes you can do without them:

  1. If your site is informational. If your resource is only filled with data for study and interaction is rarely required, the format of communities where everyone can change information will be useless.
  2. If you have a regular commercial site. Providing your range of goods, processing of purchases and sales can also be carried out on a regular website configured for a sales platform. That being said, Salesforce communities have a number of features that make it worth taking a closer look at their format.
  3. Specific purpose. Gallery sites, business cards, file sharing sites don’t require constant communication and can be implemented through other functions. In this case, implementing a community system can be too expensive and ineffective.

Thus, communities are needed only for professionals who want to create a comfortable and effective environment for interaction. In addition, the possibility to choose Salesforce community themes with a unique style or develop your own templates allows you to personalize your workspace, make it brighter and more comfortable.

What is Salesforce communities pricing?

Like other professional tools, Salesforce communities’ pricing isn’t low, because the cost of a subscription starts at $250 per month, but this amount includes access to a functional and stable service, convenience of customers and the possibility to customize.

This format is intended for those who are sure that they need it and are ready to develop communities to improve the efficiency of their main site, as well as the team as a whole. For advanced users, there is an opportunity to connect Salesforce community cloud Lightning – an improved version of the community.

In any case, Salesforce offers the possibility to combine additional components for corporate communications, idea generation, blog creation, and more. At  you will find the information you need and will be able to connect the next generation communication system to your platform. Before making a decision, you can experience the benefits of Salesforce Communities for free, and then connect with experts to help you integrate the service.