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Coffee Quiz Battle – Play Live Coffee Quiz & Win!

Coffee Quiz, as the name says, is a free and live trivia game for multiple types of users. The game lets users answer multiple coffee-related questions, and then announce the winner based on the answers. It includes multiple levels and unlimited coffee topics that are cherry on top for coffee lovers.

Coffee is one of the most consumed beverages in the world. It’s made up of roasted coffee beans from different species of coffee plants. On coffee plants, coffee berries are produced, which will be picked up once they are fully ripe. Those coffee berries will then go from a procedure of processing and drying. Once completely dried, they will be roasted on a certain temperature to get the desired flavor.

Today, we will focus on multiple aspects of the coffee, and then discuss all the key points of the game. You can always download this interesting Coffee quiz trivia game from here. For the ease of users, we will divide the article into the following sections:

  • Amazing facts about coffee
  • Most popular types of coffee
  • Features of the game “Coffee Quiz battle.”
  • Way to play the game
  • Lifelines available in the game
  • Play modes of the game

Amazing facts about coffee

The following are the most amazing facts about the coffee:

It is beneficial for your heart and liver

Coffee has the power to keep your liver and heart-healthy for a longer time. It is scientifically proven that people who drink coffee have a lower rate of heart attacks or liver diseases than people who don’t drink coffee.

You can consume coffee berries as fruits.

As we have studied above that coffee beans are made up of coffee berries that originate at the coffee plants. If you pluck those berries and don’t let them try to make coffee, you can consume them in the form of fruits.

Which country grows most coffee in the world?

The international coffee organization has conducted a survey to get an idea about the country that grows most coffee in the world. The results showed that Brazil is that country. Brazil covers around the third portion of the total world’s coffee supply.

It can cost up to $600 a pound.

You must be mesmerized after reading that amount. However, it is a fact. Coffee has many types, and they can vary in prices. The most expensive one costs around $600, and it comes from the feces of an Asian animal who consumes coffee cherries and can’t digest the beans.

It will increase your life span.

Scientific studies have proved that people who drink up to five cups of coffee a day have an increased life span than the people who don’t drink coffee. In addition, they have a lesser chance of being diabetic.

Caffeine can help you in easing your pain.

Caffeine in coffee is very helpful for easing pain. If you are facing any post-gym muscular pains, drink two cups of coffee to get relief. In addition, people who face neck and shoulder pain by sitting in front of the computer can drink coffee to get relief from it.

It can keep you up at night.

Most of us have known this fact. However, it is very helpful for people who have to do work at night or who have to drive at night. Caffeine in coffee can help you to stay fresh all night.

The taste of coffee depends upon the roasting of beans.

Coffee beans taste differently due to different roasting temperatures and procedures. The roasting of coffee beans is the only procedure to change the taste. There are different roasting temperatures and methods for producing different kinds of coffee beans.

The goats first discovered it.

Many people believe this myth that goats have discovered the coffee. The story behind it is, a herd of goats keeps their shepherd up all night after their feast at red coffee beans. However, many people think of it just as a myth and don’t believe it.

In addition to the above-mentioned facts, there are certain health benefits of drinking coffee that includes:

  • Alzheimer’s is a disease that lets people forget about many routine things because it is a kind of memory loss diseases. Scientists have proved that drinking coffee daily will keep people safe from Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Coffee has different anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory substances that can save a person from cancer. Cancer usually occurs because of inflammation in a certain body part. Coffee will keep you safe from this.
  • A scientific study has proved that people who regularly drink coffee have a stronger DNA than the ones who don’t drink coffee.
  • Coffee is a great way to reduce stress levels. Many people come back to their lives by overcoming their stress due to coffee. Coffee drinkers have a lesser chance of prone to stress than non-coffee drinkers.
  • People usually believe that regular coffee drinking is not good for your bones. However, it is not true at all. Recent studies have proved that you can get stronger bones if you drink coffee daily.

Most popular types of coffee

Coffee has many different types, and people around the globe choose multiple methods of preparing it. However, the most popular types of coffee are:


Espresso coffee has an Italian origin. You just need a small amount of boiling water and pour it onto finely ground coffee beans to make a cup of Espresso. You must be thinking, is it that simple? To be honest, it’s not that simple. You must get a good brew to taste the perfect Espresso. One can make it from different types of coffee beans. The difference between it and other types of coffee is, it has a slightly thicker texture. A foam-like texture is always on the top of an Espresso cup.


Americano is a more diluted and extended form of an Espresso coffee. It means you can add water into a cup of Espresso to dilute its consistency and make it more runny and watery. The strength of a cup of Americano may vary according to your choice. It means you can add more quantity of Espresso to make it stronger according to your choice. Due to a diluted consistency, it tastes different from the traditionally brewed Espresso.


It is an American form of the traditional Latte coffee. An Italian latte is pure milk-based, while the Breve is more diluted but, at the same time, fluffier than the traditional latte. It is made using half-and-half rather than the traditional milk. You can make it by boiling the half-and-half for a few minutes, and let it sit for a few minutes. Add a little quantity of Espresso in the cup, and then pour onto the half-and-half. At the top, add the froth to give it a pure Breve look.


It is an Italian word, which means marked or stained. It is named Macchiato due to the recipe for making it. A half of a cup of Espresso has given a shot of milk to make Macchiato. At the top of the Macchiato cup, add the foam to give it a perfect and complete look. It is in between the Espresso and Cappuccino. People who don’t like traditional black coffee, and don’t want to add more milk too, can try Macchiato. It will be a perfect cup of coffee for those people.


Are you the person who doesn’t like frothy coffee? In addition, you want a coffee with milk in it. If so, then go for a cup of Cortado. Cortado is made up of finely ground coffee beans that are diluted to make Espresso. You can add a little quantity of Espresso in a cup, and add on the warm milk over it to make a cup of Cortado. Always remember, don’t boil the milk because boiled milk will make froth over the top of your cup of coffee.


Cappuccino is very common, and one of the most liked coffee in the whole world. It has a creamy texture with a milky and creamy flavor. It has an Italian origin. A cup of Cappuccino is made up of milk, coffee beans, cream, and chocolate. However, you can skip the cream and chocolate and add cinnamon to it too. A cup of boiled milk in pour onto the creamy coffee beans mixture to make it frothy. At the top, you can add cream and chocolate shavings or cinnamon to make it creamy and tastier.

Features of the game “Coffee Quiz battle.”

The following are the most interesting features of the live quiz battle application:

  • It has a very user-friendly interface
  • You can play it with other online players
  • Live trivia quiz has multiple modes
  • The game has unlimited categories
  • It has multiple lifeline options in each round
  • You can earn more coins by referring the application to friends
  • It is free to play the “Coffee trivia Quiz App.”

Way to play the game

The ultimate way to play live coffee trivia quiz is:

  • Play for free with users around the glove
  • Earn coins on correct answers
  • Answer every question before the time runs out
  • You will have four lifelines to save points in each game

Lifelines available in the game

Following are the four lifelines available in the game:

  • 50-50 lifeline: Choose two options instead of one
  • Skip question lifeline: You can skip a question
  • Audience poll lifeline: Check the poll of most attempted option
  • Reset timer lifeline: Reset the timer for thinking more about the coffee questions

Play modes of the game

You can play the game in the following two different modes:

  • Quiz mode: Play the quiz game and answer the questions
  • Live battle mode: Play with online players or robots

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