Clutch Replacement Cost UK

Clutch is the connection of two shafts; one coming from the engine and the other from the wheels. In manual cars clutch connects or disconnects these shaft for changing gears and putting the wheels at rest when it is neutral. It the most important part of a modern automobile as the engine is always working but you need to stop and keep it running at the same time.

The clutch comprises of two major parts; the clutch plate and the fly wheel. These are furnished with the pedal, springs, and pins. Any part in this assembly can cause your vehicle to be useless.

How to avoid Clutch problems

You must keep in your mind that messing with the clutch means messing with your car. Basic trick in avoiding clutch problems is to keep you cautious when using the clutch. If you need to the clutch assembly up and running, you should practice changing the gears quickly and decisively to avoid friction, instead you keeping the car in gear always use hand brake, and try to avoid riding your clutch pedal all the time.

Signs and symptoms of worn out clutch

Common signs of clutch problem may include;

  • Hard to shift between the gears, especially the reverse
  • Squealing and/or growling sound is produced from the pedal or transmission
  • Grinding sounds when shifting gears
  • Pedal starts to vibrate
  • Worn out disk due to constant friction
  • Connecting cable are broken
  • Misalignment of any part of the clutch assembly
  • Leaks in cylinders
  • Leakage or air entrapment in hydraulic system
  • Clutch hardening

Car clutch life

The life of clutch is dependent upon the style of usage but it can be extracted from general record that it may work from 35,000 to 100,000 mile.

Car clutch replacement

The replacement of automobile clutch is a tedious process and is hence quite difficult to do at home. It is recommended to get it replaced from a professional mechanic or a workshop as it involves complete dismantling from the car and replacement that needs proper alignment with engine and wheel.

Car clutch replacement cost in UK

The clutch replacement can be as cheaper as £330. The average clutch replacement is £450 across the UK. The cost also ranges on brands e.g. Fiat is the least expensive whereas Mercedes or Land roverclutch replacement can be as high as £460. In short, the premium brands of automobile have higher clutch replacement cost than less expensive cars.

What to do when clutch replacement is required?

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