Clarity Voice Sells Superior Business Telephones

Although industry types differ, client service is always a key focus. Companies would only be able to grow if they existed. One of the simplest methods to keep clients is to have open channels of contact with them. Consumers will be less likely to return if they are unable to contact you.

Clarity Voice created a VoIP solution for small and medium-sized businesses to lessen the impact on specialized sectors. These materials may be useful to you.


The car business is one of the most dynamic and ever-changing sectors of the economy. When a car has a problem, it’s probable that your auto repair company may be flooded. Although growth is usually caused for excitement, it can make scheduling client visits and performing essential maintenance more difficult.

On our DealerPhones, we provide call recording options to guarantee that no critical facts are lost during calls to your dealership. Instead of checking your calendar, you might save time by using the appointment reminder service that we provide as part of our services.

The DealerPhones include excellent extra features, including noise reduction and high-definition speech. The moment has arrived for us to be open and honest. Some auto body shops may be rather noisy places to work. These changes will reduce the likelihood of you and your customer being bothered by background noise.


There is a lot of activity in the automotive and medical sectors, but for entirely different reasons. If you work as a nurse or doctor at a hospital, you may rapidly go from one corridor to another, leaving a coworker who is seeking you perplexed. Thanks to VoIP technology, you can text and phone your coworkers from anywhere in the world at any time using DocPhones.

DocPhones’ security is similarly amazing. The infrastructure that supports these phones is famously tough to hack, and doctors have a Hippocratic oath-bound responsibility to protect the anonymity of their patients.

Our PharmacyPhones are also useful for medical staff. You could set up numerous routers for different client situations, such as queries about specific drugs or requests for refills, so that the proper person can respond immediately without having to play phone tag.


One of our most popular alternatives, PizzaPhones, was designed by former pizza proprietors to help other businesses receive calls from hungry customers. Callers are typically discouraged from calling again after receiving a busy signal. Hence PizzaPhones include several lines. Customers may be informed of the most recent menu additions and deals while waiting for you to answer the phone.

We have previously used this method in hundreds of pizza establishments, both independent and franchised, due to its dependability. Two of our most well-known customers are Pizza Hut and Pizza King. See how far they’ve progressed- maybe your local shop can step up to their ranks, too!

Clarity Voice Service Is Unrivaled

In addition to the aforementioned telephone services, we also provide FranchisePhones, which may put any company well ahead of the competitors in any given market. Clarity Voice has been devoted to offering a world-class phone system for businesses of all kinds and sectors for more than a decade.

Several of our VoIP competitors cannot deliver the same level of customized service that we can. Our services may be depended on to provide exactly what you want when you require it. If you need help with the above phone options, be assured that there are many more to select from. Stop the busy signs and dropped calls. Clarity Voice can help you modernize your company’s aging communication infrastructure.