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Choosing Your Steps in SEO


When creating or redesigning a website, it is essential to ask the right questions. Is my site sufficiently visible? How to make it more attractive? SEO (Search Engine Optimization) allows you to better position your pages among the rankings established by Google and the major search engines. Here are 10 SEO techniques (responsive design, sitemap, Google Search Console, etc.) simple and effective to improve the visibility of your site. For the SEO San Antonio  this is important.

Write rich and qualitative content

Google highlights sites with qualitative content above all else. The most important element for a page to be visible is that it brings a real added value to users.

SEO based on enumeration of keywords is no longer relevant today. It is therefore important to write interesting articles to promote the positioning of your pages.

Suggest a quick view

Search engines particularly favor sites with fast display (less than 1.5 seconds) in order to ensure a better user experience. To optimize the speed of your site, consider eliminating the elements that can affect the loading of pages: uncompressed files, heavy images, ubiquitous JavaScript and CSS, etc.

Adapt your site for mobile media

In recent years, the use of the web from mobiles is increasing sharply. Google takes this into account and first lists the sites adapted to smartphones and tablets. The ideal is to opt for an evolutionary structure, called “responsive design”, which will make your site readable on all types of screen.

Create a sitemap file

A well referenced site is primarily a well – built site. A site map (or sitemap) consists of an XML file listing addresses and metadata of your pages. This technique makes your site more understandable for search engine indexing (Google Bot) robots.

Use the right tools

Having accurate information on your site is a good way to improve your SEO. With its Google Search Console tool, the search engine provides you with a wealth of information that will help you refine your SEO strategy.

Heal the internal mesh

It’s also important to think about linking your pages together. Intense internal links favor both the browsing of Internet users and the referencing of your pages. A good internal network is a significant asset.

Think about the titles of your pages

Titles are important for SEO. Always remember to frame them with the appropriate title tag, with a relevant description not exceeding 65 characters. Your titles will be visible directly in the search results.

The meta description tag

Unique and concise (150 characters minimum and 300 maximum), the meta description is a supplement of information informing the user on the content of your pages. Clear and attractive descriptions are a guarantee of good SEO and clicks.

Clear and explicit URLs

During the creation or redesign of your website, your URLs can be optimized for SEO purposes and contain the keywords that define your activity. It is advisable to opt for short and structured URLs, without cluttering useless mentions. This element has an impact on the ranking of your pages. This is called URL rewriting.

Optimize your links

Finally, your incoming and outgoing links have a direct impact on your SEO. We are talking here about netlinking. It’s about adding links to authority sites on your pages, and getting back links to your site from pages that share the same themes. Be careful with over-optimization!