Choosing Home EV Charging Installers

All electric vehicle (EV) owners need a charger at home. EVs are not like gas cars, where you can fill up anywhere.

If you buy a new EV, the dealer will often provide information on installation services they recommend. But EV owners also have other options for home EV charging installs.

Before hiring an installer, EV owners should make sure that their homes are ready for the installation. This means checking for electrical incompatibilities or issues that could make the installation more difficult or even impossible. For example, some homes with older wiring might be unable to handle the higher-voltage chargers needed for rapid charging.

In addition to installing chargers, installers offer a range of services including upgrading panel boxes and evaluating your current electrical system, so that it can support your EV and charger.

Here are some considerations for EV owners to keep in mind when choosing an installer:

The first step in finding a good EV charger installer is to ask friends or family members who they might recommend. These are people who have used the company before and can give you some insight into the quality of their work. If you don’t have any friends or family members with an EV or an EV charger installed in their home, it’s easy enough to find them online. The internet makes it very easy for consumers to find out about different companies, so take advantage of this resource!

Don’t just choose the first name that pops up on Google. Take some time to research your options and make sure you choose a licensed professional who’s familiar with EV chargers. You should also check their reviews and be sure they’re able to offer a free quote before any work begins.

Price. Charging equipment and installation costs can vary widely from provider to provider. The price depends on your location, type of charger and provider, among other factors. Most installers charge per hour of work needed to complete the job. While it’s important to consider cost when choosing an installer, be wary of providers who advertise extremely low prices.

Are they licensed in your area?

Do they carry insurance? What is the limit of their liability insurance? What about workers’ compensation for employees?

What type of charger will they install? How many amps does it draw from the home’s electrical system?

Can they help you apply for rebates from your utility company to help offset the cost of installing a Level 2 charger? Do they know about local incentives that might be available to reduce the cost even further?

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