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Computers are crucial for almost everyone. They have become more important because they are fast, accurate, and multi-tasking. It’s very hard to be able to live without them. They are used in every field of life. 

However, there are chances of computer errors, most of them are caused due to human negligence. You should use them with more care or a minor mistake could cause a device to stop working and even lose data.  

Imagine you have to spend hours on the computer for completion of your work and the deadline is very near but suddenly your PC decides to annoy you more by becoming unresponsive, which is known also as crashed. The following are the factors that cause a computer to become a failure and therefore need to be repaired.

Storage Capacity

This is the common scenario; if you will not manage the capacity of your computer, it would process very slowly. Try not to download heavy files. Get rid of your old data which is now of no use as quickly as possible. Do not keep lots of pictures, kinds of music, games on your PC. 

According to, if you need to find out that whether they are any programs running in the background, then open the task manager of the operating system and you will get to know all of the useless programs that are no more wanted. Remove them instantly

Proper Maintenance

The routine maintenance is compulsory. You have to make sure that your device is completely in good condition. If a computer contains dust or debris it might not run properly. Keep the gaps of keyboard and mouse spotless.

As per, a keyboard or mouse full of dirt will ultimately stop working and you have to spend your money on it. Also, make your ports dirt-free or else the dust particles would clog the port which results in over-heating your computer. Don’t forget to clean your monitor as well. Its screen is so delicate, so gently remove the stains from it.

Inadequate Cooling

Computer release heat as long as it’s switched on. The more the data they processed, the more heat is eliminated. Servers become crashed under excess heat, so a sufficient amount of cooling is needed. As heat accumulation can actually damage the hardware of a computer. It can even become unstable. 

According to, they require cooling in order to eradicate the heat of the components produce during use. Try to get fans, thermal compound, and heat sink to provide the internal parts with enough cool air or else you will be responsible for the consequences. 


The aforementioned were the most common computer fails that leads your device to the repair shop. If you ignore these problems and don’t correct them, they will be worse with the passage of time. Keep your computer in an up-to-date condition. Proper routine checks and care are very necessary for the durability of this device and you can have it near you for a long time.