Build long-term strategiesFor SEO

One very important thing that micro companies cannot fail to do is long-term actions. Inbound marketing strategies, for example, will help you have a more solid and consistent marketing landscape for your business.

For this to happen, it is very important that you are active in several communication channels, in addition to having strategies for each one of them.

Use of marketing channels

Social networks

If your company doesn’t have a social media strategy, it’s time to change that. Every company that wants to stand out in digital marketing strategies needs to be present on social networks.

  • Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, among other networks are the best place to understand more about your audience.
  • Do a search to find out which networks are suitable for your product / service. The cost you will have to be present in these networks is practically zero.

Except for specific campaigns, which are necessary to increase engagement and audience, the day-to-day of your online presence on these channels requires only dedication and content publications for your follower base.

E-mail marketing

One of the channels that most generate doubts among entrepreneurs, as they think it is not a good marketing option, is e-mail.

  • Through this channel you can keep your customer in constant contact with your brand. This channel is directly one of the best channels for creating customer retention strategies.
  • Each novelty that your company launches, be it a new product or a service additional to the existing ones, is an opportunity for new business with your current customers.
  • But don’t use e-mail only to offer products and services to your customers. Remember that more than your company’s products, your customers are looking for solutions for their daily lives.
  • Show that your company cares about them. Whether on a birthday, a company-specific event, or a specific celebration, be present.
  • Forward an email at these times and not just to sell but to show that your company really cares about its customers.

There are several free e-mail tools that will help you start an e-mail strategy for your contact base.

Blog and website

There is no point in thinking about digital marketing strategies if you don’t have an “online home”. As in the physical environment, where your company is, the digital environment also needs the presence of your brand. And that’s not just having a Facebook page.

Having your own website creates more credibility for your business. Having a corporate blog is a way to keep your audience up to date on solutions that your company offers, but also to bring information that makes sense to your customers’ routine.

  • The more engagement you have with your audience, the more business opportunity you will have. Produce content that helps to generate that engagement.
  • Produce content that takes people’s doubts and helps in their daily lives, but also has a connection with your company.

These tips are just to get you started building digital marketing strategies for your company. Being present where people are is a differential that your company needs to offer.Don’t let your competition take the lead and look for the information you need to get started today.


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