Boost Your Cell Phone into a Monster Machine

Cell phones are barely phones anymore. Right? I mean think about it, considering how much you do on your cell phone, how much of that is actually calling someone? I would maybe include text messaging as a distinct feature of a phone because that was around before all of the internet came into place, but I don’t think that would add all that much time. There are people who have shot films with their cell phones and people who run entire businesses with their cell phone. Your phone alone may be a powerful piece of technology, but it could be MORE powerful with some very useful tools.

Let’s discuss…

EXTENDED BATTERY CASE: This item has been a must-have for any person working in event production where you are constantly on your phone and running around without an opportunity to charge your phone. Although the new iPhone 11 has a pretty incredible battery that lasts for quite a while, if you are a heavy user of your phone you’ll need this. Some functions of your cell phone take up much more battery than others, and if you’re constantly taking pictures or video or using it as a WiFi hotspot, you’ll need more juice.

Speaking of taking pictures and video…

ATTACHABLE LENSES: You can actually get some pretty impressive attachable lenses for your cell phone that can turn your normal phone videos into bonafide cinematic masterpieces. From macro zoom lenses to pretty impressive wide-angle options, you could have a pretty significant lens package for your phone as you shoot the next great American film all on your mobile device.

WiFi HOTSPOT: I know I mentioned earlier that you can just use your phone as a WiFi hotspot, but what about using a WiFi hotspot for your internet. Of course your cell carrier will be able to pick up a good range of signal to power your wireless data plan, but if you are moving large amounts of data in the form of video and picture files, you might need a hotspot. This dedicated piece of technology (think Skyroam) allows you almost wired download and upload speeds in places that your cell phone data just can’t seem to grasp.

MOBILE PROJECTOR: A little add-on you may have heard of but not really investigated. The one downfall of your cell phone is the fact that everyone has to huddle around a small screen to see what you are looking at. If you are in a big pitch meeting, just find a clean wall and beam your cell phone screen right onto it and show everyone in the room what you’re talking about. These mobile projectors are super small and portable, and aren’t incredibly expensive, so why not invest in it!

Your phone is just a tool that you need to harness, and just like any other tool, knowing how to use it and how to get the most of it will give you the power to change the world all from the palm of your hand.