Black Friday & Cyber Monday is worth it to get parental control for kid’s devices

Since the internet has come into existence and people get started to connect the devices with it. Nowadays, contemporary mobile phone devices have been developed and designed with respect to cyberspace. That’s why we have seen modern phones and tablets are user-friendly and you can easily connect it with the internet. Nowadays, digital devices are not worth it unless you have internet connectivity and when it comes to the social messaging apps and websites you can use it for free but access to cyberspace is necessary.

Additionally, the young generation these days is addicted to technological creatures such as social networking apps, internet with technological devices like smartphones and tablets. Seemingly technology is serving mankind, but since it has become widespread everything is been integrated with it today we are fully dependent on it. We cannot leave and it and at the same time we have to bear things which we were not used to before. Today, parents have to provide digital devices to children and teens even they are fully aware of the online dangers.

How mobile phone Technology become pied piper for youth?

Cellphone technology has made the youth highly addicted and now they are using the devices all day long and want to remain online constantly. Do you know why they feel pressure to respond to every single message of social messaging apps, text messages on a cell phone and notifications of their fellow social media users? Do you know why they want to spend too much time on mobile devices screen?

 Do you know what happens to teens they get involved in hookups online rather than in real –life? Do you know why real-life predators have been migrated to the web? All of the questions that you have in your mind are logical and the answer is pretty state forward.

Today teens can explore anything without getting someone’s permission. Now they can visit multiple things on the mobile phone installed browser and get the information they want to rather than asking someone in real –life. Furthermore, they can get involved in a relationship without chasing someone in real –life they can use dating apps and instant messengers and get information against supposedly significant others.

 Furthermore, predators have been shifted on the web because they remain unknown and approach teens online and trapped them rather than taking risks in real –life. Simply, I would reckon parents should sneak into teens and kids cellphone activities online to make sure the safety on the web because they are obsessed with the modern piece of technology to the fullest.

Teens & Kids are addicted to phones:

Phone addiction is on rise due to the bombardment of the technology. Below are some the statistics found by TheOneSpy team to observe and counter the phone addiction in Kids and teens.

  • 71% of the teens use Facebook on digital devices, 52% used Instagram and 44% Snapchat respectively on mobile devices
  • Almost 92% of teens have admitted that they have internet access
  • 24% of the teens consider themselves as an internet addict
  • 50% of the teens connect the devices with the internet back and forth in a day
  • More than 90% of the teens go online at least once in a day

Make Black Friday & Cyber Monday worth it with respect to kid’s safety

The upcoming weekend is coming with two special days for shopping perspective, one is Black Friday and the other one is Cyber Monday. So, parents can get anything they want having a maximum discounted price. Usually, people get their hands on the goods and costumes and it is understandable, but when it comes to the parents why they prefer goods on kid’s digital safety.

Parents have to think about that and they should know that nothing is more important than the protection of kids. So, they should get their hands on the particular things that are best for taking care of the children whether for real –life or the digital one. Now you can get Black Friday and Cyber Monday 50% to 90% off on TheOneSpy cell phone spy software. You can get your hands on it for all freest and install it on your targeted device and further get call logs, text messages, social media apps logs, filter browsing activities, screen recording and plenty of things like that.


Enjoy the collections you are going to make this weekend as pre –Christmas season but don’t ignore the safety of the children online.

Author Bio

Cathy is a school teacher and digital parental geek, She’s also content writer and editor at spysmarts. She reads and writes excessively on subjects such as computer and mobile tips, software reviews, protecting oneself from the dangers of the online world especially targeting child protection and the guidelines for using different cellular applications.