Best Ways to Boost Your Instagram Followers

Regardless of whether you want to grow your brand online, or wish to become a social media influencer, there’s no escaping from Instagram. With more than one billion monthly active users as of 2018, Instagram is great social media marketing tool. Beyond organic means, there are also services like Apex that may come in handy. In this post, we are sharing the best ways to boost your Instagram followers! 

  • Create a strategy. Online branding requires clear strategy. Figure out what you wish to achieve with your Instagram account, and make sure that you have content planned and ready for the next two weeks. 
  • Optimize your Instagram account. Many brands and individual users are still not using Instagram bio effectively to add information. Add shortened links to your website, or information that offers value.
  • Find creative hashtags. It’s nice to have an Instagram hashtag for your brand, but it doesn’t help when only a handful of people know about it. Find unique, creative hashtags that pertain to your brand and niche. 
  • Plan your content timing. While Instagram has found its algorithm to show images and contents that people are more likely to enjoy, timing still matters. Try and have a consistent plan to post your photos. 
  • Collaborate. There is no better way to gain more followers than to collaborate with the right accounts. Figure out brands that have a similar target audience as yours and ask them to promote your content. It works wonders in boosting follower count. 
  • Think of a brand story. Ever followed accounts that seem to be telling a theme or story? There is a reason why some users have so many followers – They know how to tell a story. If you don’t have one, create one. 
  • Focus on other social media sites. It is as important as it can get. If your Instagram stories, pictures are not on Facebook and other social media platforms, you are already losing on potential followers. 
  • Buy followers. To give a quick jump to your Instagram account, consider buying followers. There are services that can offer High Quality Followers & Likes, and prices start for as low $2. Once you have found a following, you can always get more organic followers. 

Now that you know it all, go ahead and revamp your Instagram account. It doesn’t have to be hard with the right strategies and a few basic steps.