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Best Video Streaming for Movie and TV Shows

What you do in your leisure time? Watching movies? Watching TV series? Documentaries and etc.? If you are interested in watching the videos belonging to many categories and genres then sure you must have this with you. Do you know about the every newly releasing movie, TV shows and other videos all over the globe? Most of the time it is very difficult for us to browse for something to watch. But this phenomenon makes easy by this nice app Stremio. Better to try it in your Android device too.

What is this Stremio?

This is an amazing app or a streaming service that allow us to know about the movies, TV shows, short films, documentaries or anything we wish to enjoy in one place. If you like to watch live TV or the web channels then you can browse here and watch.

This nice app is free and you can have it in your Android veryeasily. This is a third-party app that accumulates all the video types you need in one place. No need to visit many websites to search what you need. All are here in one place, Stremio for Android TV.  You can browse, watch and also you can create your own video library thanks to this app.

Does this app contain videos?

No, the app doesn’t have any videos of its own. But this app can direct you to the famous websites you need. You have to add your website source or the add-on to the app. Then you can watch anything you need through this nice app. You can easily install this application using play store TV. If you have stremio APK use Filelinked. Filelinked is the best and easiest way to install any APK file on Android TV.


As you already know there should be add-ons that here if you need to watch videos through the app. The app lets you to add about 50 add-ons. Some of the such add-ons include YouTube, Netflix, Open subtitles, Pirate bay, etc.

Features of the app

The app permits you to create your own library. In here you can add your favorite pieces to watch anytime at anywhere you want. You can order the things inside your library in a nice way which better suits with you. You can order them in an easy way for your reference. can have a personalized content for you.

Based on your interesting the app also tends to recommend you some of the movies and other videos. It notifies you whenever a new video is added based on your preference.

There is another option or a nice feature included here. The app summarizes your activities in a calendar. You can easily have a summary view about your videos. Can know the date of the download and based on this you can easily remind the date and time where new episode of your favorite TV show is airing.If this streaming app lag or slow due to low resource on your device, you can use Clean Master application to free CPU and RAM quickly. That helps to boost device performance.

If you have this nice app in your Android mobile, tablet or in your Android TV I am pretty sure that your video browsing experience will become very easy and enjoyable. You will definitely be able to find something to watch in your leisure time because it directs you to most of the video streaming apps very easily and quickly.

You can use this application on any Android phone or tab. You can use AC Market or Aptoide to download latest version for free. Find more details at: