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Best SEO services in India offering global packages

With the world going digital, we all now belong to one world i.e. the digital world. The markets becoming global has just opened doors to businesses. Businesses have realized that if they have the product/service, the sky is the limit.

However, to achieve global success, businesses need to embrace Global SEO. Therefore, all the best SEO services in India have introduced global SEO packages, for businesses that cater to global audience.

So, what does a Global SEO strategy look like:

  • Website analysis: The first step of global SEO starts with website analysis. This includes what are the countries or regions that the business plans to cater. Based on that, the design and content of the website would be defined. As the website will be catering to different regions, with different cultural backgrounds and interests, the design and content should be like the mean of all this. The standard of design and content should be International.
  • Keyword research: As the website is targeted at a global audience, the keyword research would be focused on not just one language i.e. English but all other languages of the countries/regions the business is catering to. Therefore, the magnitude of the keyword is big.
  • Content writing and marketing: This is one of the most crucial aspects of global SEO. Right from the website content to the content that would go on the social media platforms must be thought and written keeping the global audience in mind. All the content must be created in English and other languages of the defined regions. This calls for understanding the local flavour of language, culture and interests to ensure traffic to the website and social media platforms. Thus, content creation of a global SEO looks at it from a multilingual aspect.
  • On-page optimization: Global SEO aims at on-page optimization that caters to global customers. However, considering that it is one website that is catering to all regions and customers, the website optimization must be dynamic and detailed. As an agency, you must be capable of using different search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo etc.
  • Backlinks: Just like the content, backlinking at the global level calls for great research and knowledge of the global digital space. As a global SEO agency, you need to have a strong, credible database that holds information about a trustworthy and quality third party that would great mentions and tags.


The above-mentioned Global SEO strategy can be considered as a base framework that almost every agency would follow. However, based on the client’s global operations and SEO goals, the agency is to create an exclusive package for the same. However, considering how dynamic and vast global SEO is, not many SEO agencies offer the service. Those who offer as well must be critically grilled before deciding that a particular agency is good for you. The best way to know this piece of information is to check the agency’s previous work and understand what are the global projects they have handled.