Awesome Information about The Ray Tracing:

The truth is NVIDIA which is a well know graphics card maker worked on Ray Tracing for more than seven years before bringing it to GeForce. After NVIDIA had launched RTX 2000, they were completely devoted to making Ray Tracing. Their main plan is to make video games more realistic. The Ray Tracing could not be realized in the market without minimal viability so, they launched DLSS to offer gamers a Ray Tracing experience in video games. Everything had a few glitches initially, but the Green Team redeemed itself with the Ampere and RTX 3000. The Ray Tracing is now available in 2K and 4K at more than 60 FPS.

Until now, rasterization has been continuously used to render graphics on PCs, a method that converts 3D graphics into 2D pixels. The issue over here is that it requires shaders to reproduce realistic lighting. With these shaders, lighting and shadows are usually calculated based on the angle between the vertices of each polygon and the light. Hence, rendering technology is used as an alternative in which the object on the screen is created from a mesh of thousands of virtual polygons. NVIDIA announced Ray Tracing for the GeForce range at Gamescom, 2018. 


It is a rescaling technology that manages to increase the FPS. Thanks to the fact that the GPU renders a frame at a smaller resolution and it ups the scale to the largest output resolution.

What is Ray Tracing?

Ray Tracing is a rendering technique based on tracing many rays from rebounds of each rayon different objects. The objective is to give the most realistic lighting possible to create 3D models, looking for lighting according to reality. To achieve this, the graphics card has to do millions of complex calculations to ensure that the path followed by the light is precise, making it look realistic in our eyes. 

In practice, Ray Tracing creates more realistic shadows and reflections with the help of graphic power. This technology was first known in 1979 and was presented by Turner Whitted. It is widely used in all kinds of 3D rendered photos and videos. For example, every movie today that uses the movies that use realistic computer image, use Ray Tracing

What is Ray casting?

Two things define a Ray:

  • It has an origin at some point in space (XYZ)
  • One direction

Ray casting is based on the idea of catching the ray and shooting it in the direction to see what it hits. It is not programmed a rendering algorithm, and we can say that it is a tool you can use to render. Ray casting is used between two points. 

NVIDIA recently introduced the real-time Ray Tracing implementation of its pioneering nature and named it the ‘holy grail of computer graphics. The peculiarity of its exclusive hardware for Ray Tracing, such as RT cores, which in turn will be accelerated by Tensor Cores through DLSS, is dedicated to optimizing the process through artificial intelligence.