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An Ultimate Guide to Find New Company Name in 2020

It’s 2019, and no one enters URLs in the search bar to land on a site, instead, they search for the name of the site they want to be on. And for your new dropshipping site or any site for the instance of your newly established company, how would people get there, if they do not know the name of your company? That’s why it’s essential for you to name your company after building it. Just establishing it is not enough, you need to have an identity, so that your clients and potential clients know where to go, whom to refer and what work you do. Either you can churn yourself out a new name, or you can look for company names for sale online. This saves you a lot of time and energy. So let’s dig and see what can we do to name your new company. Shall we? Why shan’t we? Let’s get rolling.

Don’t make your company’s name a lit test.

While it’s your newly founded company, and it is expected of you to being excited, but do not name your company with such a name that is hard to remember and tougher to search easily. You don’t want your clients recalling the company’s name while entering the search text. Instead, a name should be simple, short and firm looking. You want your company’s name to stick in the subconscious mind of your customers and potential clients. This is how your company will gain popularity among your target masses. Popularity is directly proportional to your generated revenues.

Meaning matters.

While looking for company names for sales or figuring it out yourself, you need to remember one ground rule, and that being – the name of your company needs to be meaningful. The company’s name should buzz an epiphany in the viewer’s mind about the company’s nature of service and products. This creates a sudden clarity among the customers and the seller, that is you. Your company name should be aligned directly in line with your niche of service/products or the way you carry out your work. This gives a branding platform to your company.

Strike for a balance.

While naming your company, you should give the meaning and relevance to the niche topmost priority, but you don’t want to get stuck with a boring name forever. You need something catchy, which makes it instantly to the internet’s virtual trending list. But along with the catchiness, you cannot go completely deviant and name your company out of the context, just for the sake of trendiness. Thrive for an ideal balance for meaning and trending internet sensation.

Double-check with the internet.

Once you decide to go with a name for your company, you need to check the whole of internet thoroughly and see that someone other than you is not using the same name, or the name is not for sale on some sites which offers company names for sale. The probability of finding the same name on the internet is 50%, although it’s not a terminal setback to your new heights, it’s just that your process is being on hold, and you need to think out of the box’s box.

Take in some advice.

Once you come up with half a dozen names, gather your inner circle, and talk to them, online or offline. The inner-circle maybe your friends, your family or anyone close to you or anyone who will be happy on your success. Present them the names you’ve come up with, and seek their advice on the names. See which one gets the most votes, and then decide to move in forwarding phase with the name backed by most votes.

Advice, not approval.

While we suggest you take some advice from your inner circle about the name of your upcoming business, we firmly warn you to not take it as approval. For instance, if the majority suggest a name, but you don’t feel good about it, you need not adopt it. Go with your own instincts. After all, it’s your company to name, and not theirs. Let the advice be advice, do not turn it into a half-hearted approval and force that onto yourself.

Get the rhyming going.

By this, we mean to say that choose a domain name which goes well with your company’s name. When you write down your site or someone says it out loud, it should sound good. Go for top-level domains to directly benefit your online visibility and generate more revenues. Also, you can think beyond .com. Always going for .com is not a great idea. You can also try some non-traditional domains and country centered domain names, to make your web address unique and easy to remember.

Hope our ‘2019-2020 Guide to Find Your Newly Established Company Name’ helps you to get your desired name for your company. Until then, see you next time. Best of luck. Happy naming…!!