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All You Want to Know Relevance of eSIM In The Future 


eSIM is a developing technology that many people are still not aware of. Due to the benefits offered by this technology, it is slowly replacing physical SIM cards. This creates curiosity in people as to how this technology is different and beneficial than the standard SIMs.

What is SIM and what does it do?

Before we talk about an electronic SIM, let us first understand the use of a standard SIM card.  SIM, or a Subscriber Identity Module is a memory chip that keeps all the identity information about mobile users in it. SIM cards are mostly integrated into PVC cards with metal contacts or a Universal Integrated Circuit Card. 

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What does a SIM card contain?

A distinctive 20-character Identification number referred to as the ICCID (Integrated Circuit Card Identifier). It is needed to port the SIM number between different mobile service providers. 

  • An ISMI number (international mobile subscriber identity)
  • Security information, 
  • Services the user can access 
  • Two security codes, one of them is the Personal Identification Number and the other one is the Personal Unblocking Code that helps unlock the PIN when the user enters the wrong PIN several times.

They also contain an SMS memory from 8KB to 256KB that can easily store over 250 contacts. Many companies offer a digitally convenient and user-friendly wireless API for apps for US-based and global businesses. 

About an eSIM

In place of a physical SIM card, it is an integrated chip that works with the SON-8 standard within the device. This SIM card can’t be taken out of the phone. 

Advantages of using an eSIM

The working of both the SIMs is the same. But eSIMs save the space on the phone that can be used for various other purposes. This chip is comparatively more trusted and less susceptible to mechanical failures. It is also smaller in size than a normal SIM card. 

Also, you are saved from the hassle of inserting and ejecting the Sim. It is best used in small-sized devices that include smartwatches.

You can get programmable programmable eSIM via QR codes.  This service enables several online businesses to provide new mobile experiences, and value-added services. It also creates a higher level of customer engagement.  

Disadvantages of using an eSIM

There are also a few disadvantages of using an eSIM. It is not beneficial for users who keep changing their smartphones regularly. It can also be a little complicated for people who use multiple devices with different SIM cards. Every time you want to use a new device, you will need to activate the SIM card via that software device. 


Today, eSIM cards are not widely used. It will take some more time for people to get adapted to this new technology and move over to eSim. In the coming days, we may see eSIM for some of the flagships that include, Google, Apple OnePlus and Samsung,