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All You Need to Know About Key Fob Replacement

Have you ever lost or broken your key fob? Well, if you have experienced such a mishap in the past, you must be aware of how frustrating being in a situation like this can get. Such a situation may leave you locked out of your hotel room or apartment. But don’t worry; we have got your back. Read ahead to find out all that you may need to know about a key fob replacement.

Duplicating a key fob can be a hassle. Therefore, an easy solution for key fob replacement is to get a copy. You can do so by some of the methods given below.

Contacting A Locksmith or Manufacturer

Start off by making a call to your local locksmith to inquire about getting a copy of your key fob. Most locksmiths own the desired tools that can help you with duplicating a basic unencrypted, electronic key fob.

Track down any locksmith located in your area that is close to you house. you should be well aware of the style, model and serial number of the key that you wish to copy. Keep these details read beforehand so that your key fob replacement process is smooth.

In case your key fob is encrypted, then you have to contact the manufacturer. Only the original manufacturer of your key fob will be able to reproduce it. However, you should keep in mind that getting duplicate key fobs can be pretty heavy on the pocket.

Reach out to a Hardware Store

Various hardware stores have now introduced automated kiosks that deal with key fob replacement issues. Before you reach out to any hardware store, call them up and let them know about the basic design of your key fob. These kiosks can read and write the codes on your key fob promptly. They will let you know over the call if they have the means to reproduce the desired key fob.

Replacement throughan RFID Writer

Look for an RFID writer online. You can go through websites to buy an affordable handheld RFID unit for yourself. Make sure that you pick a model that is recommended by users.

These portable devices can read and write both unencrypted 125 kHz key fobs and cards. After that you have to buy a blank 125khz key fob in case you don’t own one. After that you have to, press down on the chip that is present on the key fob to the RFID writer.

Once you have pressed you have to push the “Read” button. Next, you have to hold the blank key fob up which you want as a replacement to the RFID device and push the “Write” button.