All You Need to Know About IoT

IoT technology is picking up pace in the market at a tremendous rate. It was not until a few years back that people were aware of this phenomenon. The Internet of Things (IoT) Technology is the integration of fast-moving technology with daily life usable things to give birth to an innovative way of lifestyle.

With the introduction of so many new technologies, every IoT device manufacturer is putting his best foot forward to give to the world such devices, which make life much easier.

The IoT technology nowadays is being used in every field starting from Home and Hospitality to Healthcare and Industries. This particular article is dedicated to how IoT technology can be used in manufacturing industries.

Use of IoT Technology in the Manufacturing Industry

The manufacturing of a product is a crucial task to do. Even an IoT device manufacturer goes through the tedious process of checking and cross-checking before launching an IoT product device. So when we talk about manufacturing industries, it is well imaginable the tons of products being manufactured each day. While doing this in traditional ways of manufacturing or say with human resources alone, can be a time-consuming task. But with the implementation of the IoT technology things can surely be made easier. 

  • Digitally Connected Factory: 

With the IoT technology, the manufacturing factories are becoming digitally connected. Information is transmitted through digital mediums and the machinery work on automation, thereby reducing the man force required for the task.  Also, the various functions can easily be observed and managed while sitting at your office or home.

  • Service Management: 

IoT devices when used in industries can easily provide you with a report that when any of your machinery needs servicing. The maintenance is taken care of and constant alerts are given to the owner.

  • Stockpile Management: 

With the use of IoT technology, inventory or stock records can be traced globally for a business. It gives you an accurate idea of what quantity of material is available with you. It also helps in the record maintenance of new stocks.

  • Quality Control: 

IoT devices in an industry help monitor the quality of the product manufactured by keeping the exact record of the number of raw materials used and the condition under which the product was manufactured.

  • Supply Chain Management: 

Live tracking of products and consignments can be done via IoT devices which helps the manufacturer have real-time updates about the product.

IoT technology is a revolution in the field of technology. According to various reports, 25% of global companies are using IoT technology in their businesses. In the era of digitization and automation, IoT technology is surely a big step towards Industry 4.0.