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Advantages and Disadvantages of Owning A Smartphone

Smartphones are no more a luxury but an essential requirement for every individual. There are about millions of smartphone users and the number is expected to grow day-by-day.  It is true to say that the emergence of smartphones has transformed the way of living. The phone industry has come a long way from the landlines, cordless, simple handphones to smartphones that have changed the forms of communication and entertainment. You can buy these phones easily in a store or online, but the only issue is the cost of these phones. However, you can invest in a good smartphone online using the Amazon EMI options.  There are always two sides to a coin and it is the same case with a smartphone as they come with a combination of benefits and disadvantages.

Effective communication

With the rise of smartphones, communication has become easy and convenient. From normal calls to easy texting options, traditional communicating options have been updated with the latest technology. Also, the introduction of emojis and GIFs has added a touch of engagement and relatability to the messaging options. The video calling options have come as a boon for people living away from their family and friends to connect with a personal touch.

All in one

With the plethora of apps, smartphones can be used to do anything and everything. From gaming, education, to entertainment, a smartphone is a complete package. Shopping, online payment, personal assistant and banking has been made extremely easy with the introduction of smartphones. How can we miss out on the camera facilities and pictures? From the perfect Instagram picture to taking quality videos for a short film, cameras on the

smartphones are widely used.

Website surfing

With the advent of the internet, web surfing has been the biggest advantage of a smartphone. For any questions or topics, web browsers have plenty of solutions. From research to understanding any concepts vividly, searching on the internet gives you the information quickly and in a simplified manner.

But everything comes with its own pros and cons. Now that we know there are many advantages, there are also a few disadvantages of using a smartphone, which are:


Smartphones are expensive and generally, it costs about 15k to 60k or even above to invest in a good smartphone. One-time payment for a good mobile can be a problem for many people. However, you can buy a mobile on EMI and pay for it in installations. This way you can split your expenses as well own new latest smartphone.

Social Issues

With the introduction of many apps, there are many problems like lack of data privacy, hacking and access to uncensored content. It is important to be extra cautious about the friend requests you accept, links you visit and apps you download. When you are shopping or making a payment, you need to be aware of and careful about the entire process.

Every product has advantages and disadvantages but it is the responsibility of every individual to be aware and use the product judiciously. So, owning a smartphone makes your life easier and comfortable. Do not worry about the expenses, you can now use Zest Money to buy any smartphone on EMI and split your one-time investment into monthly installments.