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About E-commerce and Types of E-commerce 

The process of buying and selling services or goods through the internet, where there is the transfer of money including the information, which is needed to complete the sales is known as e-commerce. You can also call it internet commerce or electronic commerce. Some of the common questions that people can have regarding e-commerce are that what are the best channels to execute the business in the best possible way online. But the biggest question that people have is regarding the proper spelling of e-commerce. But the fact is that there is no such correct spelling of electronic commerce. It depends on the usage by people. 

E-commerce words – 

Here are some examples of how e-commerce can be written or spelled. It can be written as e-commerce, or E-commerce, or ecommerce, or Ecommerce, or eCommerce, or in other words as e commerce. So, there is nothing to get stressed about, you can write the spelling in whichever way you are comfortable. Now, let us look at some of the traditional methods or types of e-commerce and its models. 

B2B e- commerce – 

One such common form or model is business-to-business e-commerce. It is a type of commerce in which a business sells goods and services to another business. It can be between a manufacturer and a wholesaler. Or it can be between retailer and wholesaler. Now, in this type of model, there is no picture of the consumer in the entire process. And, this model includes products like software, raw materials, etc., that are combined. Next, the type of model that you will see is business to consumer model, which is one of the most well-known e-commerce models. So, here the sale takes place between business and consumer, like when you buy a carpet from any online retailer. 

DTC Direct to Consumer – 

Then, another type of e-commerce model that you can find is DTC also known as direct to consumer. It can also be written as D2C. It is one of the newest types of e-commerce. And one of the things that you will notice is that in this type of business the category tends to change continually. In this type of business, a brand is choosing to sell their consumers directly their branded products and there is no need for the consumer to go through any retailer, wholesaler, or distributor. Plus, there are various platforms like Pinterest, Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram from where they sell the products to the consumer. 

C2C and C2B – 

There is also another type of e-commerce model that is known as consumer to consumer. It is written as C2C, where there is a sale of goods and services from one consumer to another consumer. This type of sale will mainly take place on various platforms like eBay, Fivver, Etsy, etc. Then, you will also get a consumer-to-business model i.e. C2B. Here the individual will sell the products to the business organization. This is one of the best places for freelancers, photographers, consultants, etc. One of the things that you must have noticed is that DTC has been increasing in popularity these days. So, it is very important for brands to switch to DTC, in case of emergencies.