A Small Brief On ITIL Certifications

ITIL certification is the global framework used for IT service management and provision. In this framework, you will find a detailed understanding of the practices required for proper management and delivery of all kinds of IT services. All the guidance and practice you will get from such a certification will help you provide better assistance to your end-user.

If you have been looking for the best IT certifications in the market, you must have already heard about the ITIL certifications. These ensure that you can apply and eventually get some of the top-paying jobs in the industry with regular promotions. For anyone looking to advance their career as a CIO or CTO, these kinds of certifications work the best. ITIL is the basic framework of IT service management and can surely help organisations in a number of ways, such as:

  • Better productivity
  • Reduce the overall cost of service deployment and development
  • Efficiently manage risks
  • Develop a more functional IT environment
  • Curate more customer relations

If you are looking to maximise the worth ITIL can bring to the company, you might want to consider pursuing ITIL certifications. There are a few different levels of ITIL certification, starting from foundational all the way to Master. However, this certification can only be conducted by ITIL certifications, not the whole organisation.

In the later part of 2019, the newer and more modern approach of ITIL was introduced, making it the fourth rendition of the same. If you are in the middle of pursuing ITIL V3, you might want to complete that. However, if you are new to ITIL and starting now, ITIL 4 certification is what you should focus on. Now that you have a basic idea of ITIL certifications, it is time for you to learn about them more in-depth.

What Are Some Common Benefits Of ITIL Certifications?

As is quite clear, pursuing your accreditation with ITIL is absolutely priceless. Not only does it help increase your understanding of the service and problem-solving skills, but it also ensures that you climb the corporate ladder faster and more efficiently. For instance, with the completion of ITIL certification, you will be able to:

  • Fast-track your professional development
  • Better your earning potential
  • Be more credible in your service
  • Increase your product knowledge foundation

How Much Does ITIL Certification Cost?

Axelos owns the ITIL framework and also maintains the framework accrediting the examination and training institutes. So if you are trying to pursue ITIL 4 training, you can find a wide variety of ITIL ATOs that offer training and certification exams, all of which you can find on the main website of Axelos.

Make sure that you choose a certification provider that is recognised by Axelos. Even though you can find other non-accredited institutes which cost lesser but the results and content might vary and not be as reliable. The pricing main depends on your location, if it’s an online or offline course and if you require in-house training with your own company.

Who Can Join An ITIL Institute For Certification And Training?

As mentioned earlier, ITIL certifications can only be pursued by individuals and not the entire company. If you have found a company that claims to be ITIL certified, they either:

  • Promote the employees that hold this certification in the company, or
  • Work with an associated but different standard like ISO/IEC 20000, which companies can easily earn.

What Does The ITIL Certification Entail?

Lastly, before you join an ITIL certification program, you must understand what it brings to the table. ITIL certification is basically segregated into four different levels of certification. While a candidate can choose only to pursue an entry-level or medium certification, the CIO or project manager can go for the Master or Expert status. Out of a total of four levels, the first three require you to get good credit and pass all examinations. However, the master level does not require credits; it comes with its own criteria.

These are some important things that you must know before enrolling for an ITIL certification. If you are looking for a reputable training course, you can rely on Trainocate. With some of the best reviews in the market, Trainocate will surely help you take your IT skills to the next level.