A Complete Guide to Google Maps Marketing

If you want to achieve long-term viability, then your business should show up in Google Maps. Actually, with local SEO you will be able to maximize your exposure on Google Maps. Often, prospect customers are a bit doubtful of businesses with no to little online presence, Luckily, Google Maps offers a fast and easy way to get online.

Have you already heard the term Google Maps marketing? If not, then this content is for you.

Google Maps Marketing: What Is It?

As the name implies, Google Maps marketing is a process of using the functionality of Google Maps to make your business much easier to find. While it is helpful for bigger businesses it is even more essential for smaller ones.

Google Maps marketing, on the other hand, it not only about visibility, but it is also about positioning. When used strategically and properly, Google Maps will play a crucial role in your digital marketing strategies.

Why It So Significant?

Every day, Google handles more than 3 billion searches and accounts for approximately 88 percent of all mobile searches. Furthermore, local searches will translate sales directly with 76 percent of users searching for local items visiting a shop in a day.

That said, we can’t deny that Google maps marketing may affect the way Google will view your business. It will affect how your business appears in an organic search known as the local three-pack. The local three-pack will appear at the top of the page.

Moreover, Google Maps may channel a lot of customers to your business. Nevertheless, your odds of being found is very low unless your business ranks in the three-pack.

That’s why Google Maps marketing is considered the most significant part of local SEO work.

What Are The Ranking Factors of Google Maps?

Before you can optimize your listing to rank high on Google Maps, you should first know the factors that will identify your ranking.

Here are the three main ranking factors according to the Guidelines for local ranking of Google:

  • Prominence

How popular a certain business is according to the algorithm of Google. That is why a well-known and established shop typically ranks higher compared to fairly new shops.

  • Distance

There is not much you can optimize about this ranking factor besides giving complete and correct details about your location.

  • Relevance

Mainly, this is about your Google My Business listing. How relevant and complete your business details are, the use of keyword in your business information and title, and whether not or your listing is verified.

Hopefully, with this article, you fully understand what Google Maps marketing is.