7 Ways Brands Can Reinvent Their Digital Marketing Strategy

What comes to your mind when you think of Digital Marketing? 

Is it the new amazing videos which you see on social media platforms? or Is it the endless ads that follow us everywhere?    

If your mind is almost ready to say yes and if you are in charge of Digital Marketing, then it is time to introspect on the Digital Marketing Strategy. Here are the top 7 strategies you need to follow now.

  • Get Real
    First thing first, Digital Marketing is not a decorative extension to your marketing. It’s a real channel and time is right to get our acts together to stop treating Digital Marketing as vanity and get authentic with it. Talk about results that are possible with Digital Marketing and not just some numbers that feel good. Even if you get a million views on a trending video using the best content marketing agency and it doesn’t translate into something significant for the company, its just not real.
  • Identify The Right Audience
    A critical mistake is to chase abstract numbers and audiences to boost up the vanity figures like views and impressions. The problem in going after these figures is that this is the audience that is active on Digital and gives us most of these vanity numbers with ease. The right way is to chase our target prospect base, people who may buy from us using the right strategies like Marketing SEO services. It may result in lesser views on that video we post and the ad we go live with, but the impact is real, so is the output.
  1. Link with Business Goals
    What are your business goals? Is it to sell more products and services? If yes, then marketing has to enable this process, digital marketing is no exception. Digital Marketing has to help in generating leads for business goals. It also should be a channel through which the existing customers can reach out to us faster and buy from us with ease. Digital Marketing and overall business need to have the same goals.
  2. Attract Audience
    Today, as the world is running on digital connectivity, digital channels are often the first point of contact with a potential customer. Thus the ideal marketing channel to attract the right target group. Ensure that your digital strategy is bringing fresh leads for you and not just some numbers that mean nothing to the overall top line of the business. Use the best SEO company in India to attract prospects with white papers, information and resources that make them subscribe to you, the database has to rest with the company securely and not with the media and social platforms. Build a prospect database and nurture it just like your best salesperson does with their list of prospects.
  3. Stop Burning Cash
    Digital Strategy needs to generate business and not burn the hard-earned business cash. A simple principle is that every rupee invested in your digital strategy is either helping you earn more than a rupee or enables your business teams to generate more value than the investment. Ensure it is measurable and stop burning cash to match the giant corporations and media companies who need to paint the town. Your business has unique customers. Maybe you don’t need to tell the entire world about the cola that you sell. Think about it and stop burning cash.
  4. Always Listen
    Digital Marketing is an excellent tool to listen to your customers and ensure that any dissent gets immediately addressed without it spreading out and all the positive feedback captured and made available for prospects to see and make an informed decision. The handling of negative sentiments not only reduces its viral nature but also tells prospects how actively we are listening to our customers.

Be Real-Time
Ensure your digital strategy is alive. Whether you are allowing AI tools to manage your responses or humans, be real-time and accurate. Real-time and accuracy need to go hand in hand as neither solves the purpose alone. Customers need an instant and apt response. If its AI-driven then the knowledge base has to be continually maintained.