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4 Best Tips to Promote Team Communication

 Imagine a workplace where people work like robots in their working hours, they come, sit, work on whatever is told to them and leave. Liked it? Nayyy!

How about a workplace where the suggestions for improvement are welcomed, where there is an interaction between colleagues and leaders with a combination of a lot of brainstorming and a lot of fun? Liked it? Yayyyy!

Let us think of the main difference between the two kinds of workplaces I have mentioned above. The latter one is more about communication and that is what ultimately helps in increasing the loyalty of employees and making the company thrive.

Communication is indeed one of the most underestimated underlying cause of great work culture. It doesn’t let any misunderstandings happen, arguments occur and deadlines go missing. It basically makes your team, a team.

So, now let us begin with the tips to foster your team communication.

  • Appreciate Reciprocal Feedback- One must never forget that feedback isn’t what a senior can give to a subordinate. It also involves requesting feedback from the other person. When you are suggesting someone the ways to improve their behaviour or work, you should also ask them what they fell you as a manager or company as a whole lacks. Is there anything that the company can help in this regard with? Listen to them carefully, analyse the points they mentioned and work upon them.
  • Build trust with open-door policy- Make sure no employee has to think twice before coming to speak to you. They should have an impression that no matter what you will hear their say without judging them and give a solution to your problem. The first step towards the same is to have an open-door policy. Why? It is so because this is the only way to increase trust amongst the employees and the company. An HR software, however, can be used initially by the employees to post a grievance.
  • Communicate goals clearly- It is vital to give clarity to the employees when it comes to working. When they will know what exactly the employer needs from them, they will start working in that manner only. The same will happen only when the employees will become a part of goal planning and setting. For the same, you should organize meetings at regular intervals. This may seem like a practice leading to wastage of time. In reality, you will find out because of the same, the employees will start delivering their work more on time. HR software can also be used to keep a track of performance goals.
  • Have fun together to boost morale- It is very much required to build relationships with the team members beyond work. The same will give a reason more than just mundane office work to the employees. They will look forward to coming to the office because they feel respected, they enjoy, they work, their ideas are welcomed and they are given some weightage.